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Increases mana profits with time spent as this class and with experience gained. Has access to more powerful spells and upgrades directly affecting profits. Also, his upgrades decrease basic costs of sources.

Unique Source: Ley Apex, replaces Nexus

Basic Design

Prodigy profits in a few interesting ways. Firstly, he has upgrades that reduce the cost of Sources, and secondly, he has upgrades that increase his evocation efficiency, paired with Spell Primal Power.pngPrimal Power to push it even further. His character ability is also a buffed version of Apprentice's, scaling with time spent.

Prodigy also includes new spells that scale based on his level: Spell Kelphior's Black Beam.pngKelphior's Black Beam grants more profits, and at much higher levels, Spell Quasi-incantation.pngQuasi-incantation charges more quickly. To help raise his level, Prodigy has a new persistent spell: Spell True Sorcery.pngTrue Sorcery. The more times this spell is cast, the more it multiplies Prodigy's experience. It also increases profits based on casts this run, making it relevant to always be casting more Spell True Sorcery.pngTrue Sorcery.

Prodigy also always wants to be building more sources, making pets like Homunculus and Simulacrum potent boosts to his profits. With Spell Alter The Laws.pngAlter The Laws and Spell Ley Overdrive.pngLey Overdrive scaling off the number of sources directly, and sources providing XP that improve the aforementioned abilities that scale off level, this makes a large difference. Prodigy can also increase the profit of his sources with Spell Alter The Laws.pngAlter The Laws, Spell True Sorcery.pngTrue Sorcery, and Spell Ley Overdrive.pngLey Overdrive, making these good candidates to burst with.

At extremely high levels, Prodigy gains a new spell: Spell Quasi-incantation.pngQuasi-incantation. This spell charges faster based on level, making stacks of Spell True Sorcery.pngTrue Sorcery even more important than before. Spell Quasi-incantation.pngQuasi-incantation increases the power of all incantation spells for that exile, even when it's not currently casting, or even on the bar. This is a massive buff, since all of Prodigy's new spells, excluding Spell Kelphior's Black Beam.pngKelphior's Black Beam, are incantations.


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Hero Ability

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Increases profits by:

After 10 days:


Multiplies profits by:

After 10 days:



Prodigy Spells
Icon School A? P? Level Name Cost Duration Description
Spell Magic Missile.png
Evocation 1 Magic Missile 125 Shards Instant Instantly earns 60 sec of production, granting Mana.
Spell Gem Resonance.png
Incantation 2 Gem Resonance 900 Shards 15s Increases amount of Mana Gems temporarily.
Spell Void Lure.png
Incantation 5 Void Lure 975 Shards 5m Void Entities spawn more often and remain longer.
Spell Spell Focus.png
Evocation 7 Spell Focus 25 Shards Instant Instantly grants Spell Shards. Doesn't earn Spell Shards on itself.
Spell Conjure Lesser Elemental.png
Summoning 9 Conjure Lesser Elemental 1800 Shards 45s Autoclicks 5 times per second, with 0% Crit Chance.
Spell Magical Weapon.png
Incantation 17 Magical Weapon 1250 Shards 1m Increases character Crit Chance, Crit Profit and Click Profit.
Spell Conjure Greater Elemental.png
Summoning 21 Conjure Greater Elemental 3000 Shards 1m Autoclicks 10 times per second, with 5% Crit Chance and 750% Crit Profit.
Spell Void Automaton.png
Summoning 51 Void Automaton 4300 Shards 6m Automatically collects Void Entities, with period based on highest pet level this Exile.
Spell Kelphior's Black Beam.png
Evocation 52 Kelphior's Black Beam 500 Shards Instant Instantly earns 228 sec of production, granting Mana, based on character level.
Spell Alter The Laws.png
Incantation 59 Alter The Laws 5000 Shards 20s Increases profits, based on total amount of sources.
Spell Conjure Primal Elemental.png
Summoning 59 Conjure Primal Elemental 5250 Shards 1m 30s Autoclicks 15 times per second, with 10% Crit Chance and 1200% Crit Profit.
Spell Primal Power.png
Incantation 63 Primal Power 7250 Shards 5s Increases evocation efficiency, based on character level.
Spell True Sorcery.png
Incantation x 70 True Sorcery 8000 Shards 5s Increases profits, based on total amount of times cast this Exile. Passive: Increases character experience gained from sources.
Spell Synthetic Entity.png
Evocation 88 Synthetic Entity Charges automatically in Idle Mode, based on current charges. Can have an unlimited amount of charges. 1s Instantly earns Void Entities, based on charges. Consumes 2% of current charges on use.
Spell Void Radiance.png
Incantation 92 Void Radiance 4750 Shards 30s Earns Void Mana every second, based on active Void Traps and Void Mana per Entity.
Spell Conjure Manabeast.png
Summoning 94 Conjure Manabeast 4250 Shards 1m 15s Autoclicks 16 times per second, with 10% Crit Chance and 900% Crit Profit. Increases passive shard gains.
Spell Ley Overdrive.png
Incantation x 102 Ley Overdrive 9000 Shards 20s Increases profits, based on total amount of Ley Apexes and times cast this Exile.
Spell Quasi-incantation.png
Incantation 162 Quasi-incantation Charges over time, based on character level. Instant Increases Incantation Efficiency until Exile. Isn't affected by Incantation Efficiency.


== Total ==

There are 1993 total upgrades.


All clicks

Click profit bonus (7 upgrades, total : +900)
All time autoclicks req. Cost Name Click profit bonus
100 50 Double-Clicks +1
500 425 Heavy Clicks +4
1000 3250 Magical Clicks +13
2500 13000 Sorcerous Clicks +43
5000 65000 Wizard-y Clicks +80
7000 425000 Wizardly Clicks +192
9000 2.5e6 Magisterly Clicks +567
Click profit bonus per mana production (3 upgrades, total : +3% of mana/sec)
All time clicks req. Cost Name Click profit bonus per mana production
10000 500000 Clicks Of Confidence +1% of mana/sec
12000 2.5e8 Clicks Of Authority +1% of mana/sec
14000 6.25e11 Clicks Of Power +1% of mana/sec

Critical clicks

Critical click chance (15 upgrades, total : +15%)
Cost Name Critical click chance
3.25e7 Accuracy +1%
3.225e11 Dexterity Training +1%
1.325e17 Leet Moves +1%
3.765e22 Magical Gloves +1%
1.128e32 Prodding Rod +1%
3.25e45 Accuracy II +1%
3.225e57 Dexterity Training II +1%
1.325e69 Leet Moves II +1%
3.765e82 Magical Gloves II +1%
1.128e96 Prodding Rod II +1%
3.25e101 Accuracy III +1%
3.225e131 Dexterity Training III +1%
1.325e151 Leet Moves III +1%
3.765e176 Magical Gloves III +1%
1.128e199 Prodding Rod III +1%
Critical click profit (35 upgrades, total : +6570%)
Cost Name Critical click profit multiplier
8250 Extra Kick +70%
6.25e8 Special Touch +100%
2.25e13 Intricate Phrasings +200%
1.325e18 Crystal Theory +200%
3.765e24 Moment Of Truth +200%
8.25e74 Extra Kick II +100%
6.25e88 Special Touch II +200%
2.25e95 Intricate Phrasings II +200%
1.325e108 Crystal Theory II +200%
3.765e114 Moment Of Truth II +200%
8.25e152 Extra Kick III +100%
6.25e170 Special Touch III +200%
2.25e185 Intricate Phrasings III +200%
1.325e192 Crystal Theory III +200%
3.765e201 Moment Of Truth III +200%
8.25e222 Extra Kick IV +200%
6.25e230 Special Touch IV +200%
2.25e245 Intricate Phrasings IV +200%
1.325e260 Crystal Theory IV +200%
3.765e283 Moment Of Truth IV +200%
8.25e322 Extra Kick V +200%
6.25e330 Special Touch V +200%
2.25e345 Intricate Phrasings V +200%
1.325e360 Crystal Theory V +200%
3.765e383 Moment Of Truth V +200%
8.25e622 Extra Kick VI +200%
6.25e660 Special Touch VI +200%
2.25e705 Intricate Phrasings VI +200%
1.325e740 Crystal Theory VI +200%
3.765e783 Moment Of Truth VI +200%
8.25e882 Extra Kick VII +200%
6.25e900 Special Touch VII +200%
2.25e935 Intricate Phrasings VII +200%
1.325e960 Crystal Theory VII +200%
3.765e993 Moment Of Truth VII +200%
Critical rating (30 upgrades, total : +14000)
Cost Name Critical rating modifier
1.1e29 Expose Weaknesses +10
1.2e32 Concentrated Clicks +10
1.3e39 Clicking Technique +10
1.4e46 Resonant Click +20
1.5e50 Headshot +25
2.1e64 Expose Weaknesses II +25
2.2e72 Concentrated Clicks II +50
2.3e87 Clicking Technique II +50
2.4e101 Resonant Click II +50
2.5e111 Headshot II +50
3.6e131 Expose Weaknesses III +100
3.7e142 Concentrated Clicks III +100
3.8e159 Clicking Technique III +100
3.9e172 Resonant Click III +200
4.2e187 Headshot III +200
1.3e211 Expose Weaknesses IV +250
2.1e231 Concentrated Clicks IV +250
3.5e250 Clicking Technique IV +500
4.5e270 Resonant Click IV +500
4.91e290 Headshot IV +500
1.3e301 Expose Weaknesses V +500
2.1e331 Concentrated Clicks V +500
3.5e350 Clicking Technique V +1000
4.5e370 Resonant Click V +2000
4.91e390 Headshot V +2000
1.3e876 Expose Weaknesses VI +500
2.1e901 Concentrated Clicks VI +500
3.5e960 Clicking Technique VI +1000
4.5e1001 Resonant Click VI +1000
4.91e1048 Headshot VI +2000


Autoclick profit modifier (33 upgrades, total : x1.426576071721e+15)
Autoclicks this exile req. Cost Name Autoclicks modifier
250 2.1e61 Motivated Minions x1.5
500 4.8e92 Empowered Minions x2
1000 1.1e105 Augmented Minions x2
6000 2.1e144 Motivated Minions II x2
7000 4.8e158 Empowered Minions II x3
8000 1.1e168 Augmented Minions II x4
12000 2.1e232 Motivated Minions III x2
14000 4.8e244 Empowered Minions III x2
16000 1.1e258 Augmented Minions III x3
21000 2.1e332 Motivated Minions IV x3
22000 4.8e344 Empowered Minions IV x3
23000 1.1e358 Augmented Minions IV x4
26000 2.1e432 Motivated Minions V x3
27000 4.8e444 Empowered Minions V x3
28000 1.1e468 Augmented Minions V x4
31000 2.1e612 Motivated Minions VI x3
32000 4.8e684 Empowered Minions VI x3
33000 1.1e728 Augmented Minions VI x4
36000 2.1e812 Motivated Minions VII x3
37000 1.1e858 Empowered Minions VII x3
38000 4.8e884 Augmented Minions VII x4
41000 2.1e962 Motivated Minions VIII x4
42000 4.8e994 Empowered Minions VIII x4
43000 1.1e1028 Augmented Minions VIII x5
46000 2.1e1172 Motivated Minions IX x4
47000 4.8e1186 Empowered Minions IX x4
48000 1.1e1204 Augmented Minions IX x4
51000 2.1e1772 Motivated Minions X x2
52000 4.8e1786 Empowered Minions X x2
53000 1.1e1804 Augmented Minions X x3
56000 2.1e2072 Motivated Minions XI x2
57000 4.8e2104 Empowered Minions XI x2
58000 1.1e2186 Augmented Minions XI x2


Hero ability modifier (65 upgrades, total : x2.1244928996584e+38)
Hero level req. Cost Name Ability modifier
70 1e77 Secret Knowledge x1.5
75 9.1e95 Vast Talents x2
80 8.9e104 Unusual Abilities x2
85 6.8e116 Know Thyself x3
90 4e131 The Grandmaster x3.5
95 1e178 Secret Knowledge II x2
100 9.1e181 Vast Talents II x2
105 8.9e193 Unusual Abilities II x2
110 6.8e203 Know Thyself II x3
115 4e214 The Grandmaster II x4
116 1e223 Secret Knowledge III x4
117 9.1e236 Vast Talents III x4
118 8.9e245 Unusual Abilities III x5
119 6.8e256 Know Thyself III x5
120 4e278 The Grandmaster III x6
122 1e343 Secret Knowledge IV x4
124 9.1e366 Vast Talents IV x4
126 8.9e375 Unusual Abilities IV x4
128 6.8e392 Know Thyself IV x4
130 4e409 The Grandmaster IV x4
132 1e423 Secret Knowledge V x4
134 9.1e446 Vast Talents V x4
136 8.9e465 Unusual Abilities V x4
138 6.8e482 Know Thyself V x4
140 4e509 The Grandmaster V x4
135 1e523 Secret Knowledge VI x4
137 9.1e546 Vast Talents VI x4
140 8.9e565 Unusual Abilities VI x4
142 6.8e582 Know Thyself VI x4
145 4e609 The Grandmaster VI x4
150 1e623 Secret Knowledge VII x4
155 9.1e646 Vast Talents VII x4
160 8.9e721 Unusual Abilities VII x4
165 6.8e765 Know Thyself VII x4
170 4e809 The Grandmaster VII x4
175 1e823 Secret Knowledge VIII x4
180 9.1e846 Vast Talents VIII x4
185 8.9e921 Unusual Abilities VIII x4
190 6.8e945 Know Thyself VIII x4
195 4e965 The Grandmaster VIII x4
200 1e1023 Secret Knowledge IX x6
202 9.1e1046 Vast Talents IX x6
204 8.9e1121 Unusual Abilities IX x6
205 6.8e1145 Know Thyself IX x6
206 4e1165 The Grandmaster IX x8
207 1e1183 Secret Knowledge X x6
208 9.1e1206 Vast Talents X x6
209 8.9e1249 Unusual Abilities X x6
210 6.8e1268 Know Thyself X x6
211 4e1289 The Grandmaster X x6
212 1e2013 Secret Knowledge XI x6
213 9.1e2026 Vast Talents XI x6
214 8.9e2039 Unusual Abilities XI x6
215 6.8e2048 Know Thyself XI x6
216 4e2059 The Grandmaster XI x6
217 1e2113 Secret Knowledge XII x2
218 9.1e2126 Vast Talents XII x2
219 8.9e2139 Unusual Abilities XII x3
220 6.8e2148 Know Thyself XII x3
221 4e2159 The Grandmaster XII x4
222 1e2213 Secret Knowledge XIII x2
223 9.1e2226 Vast Talents XIII x2
224 8.9e2239 Unusual Abilities XIII x3
225 6.8e2248 Know Thyself XIII x3
226 4e2259 The Grandmaster XIII x4


Idle bonus modifier (28 upgrades, total : +165% and x15502.870603566)
Cost Name Idle bonus modifier
125000 Animate Tools +25%
6.5e6 Animate Assistants +20% and x1.1
7.25e10 Animate Machinery +20% and x1.15
8.16e21 Animate Automatons +20% and x1.2
1.25e30 Animate Tools II +20% and x1.25
6.5e51 Animate Assistants II +20% and x1.3
7.25e70 Animate Machinery II +20% and x1.35
8.16e84 Animate Automatons II +20% and x1.4
1.25e183 Animate Tools III x1.5
6.5e189 Animate Assistants III x1.5
7.25e196 Animate Machinery III x1.5
8.16e203 Animate Automatons III x1.5
1.25e223 Animate Tools IV x1.5
6.5e239 Animate Assistants IV x1.5
7.25e256 Animate Machinery IV x1.5
8.16e273 Animate Automatons IV x1.5
1.25e333 Animate Tools V x1.5
6.5e369 Animate Assistants V x1.5
7.25e396 Animate Machinery V x1.5
8.16e403 Animate Automatons V x1.5
1.25e533 Animate Tools VI x1.5
6.5e569 Animate Assistants VI x1.5
7.25e596 Animate Machinery VI x1.5
8.16e623 Animate Automatons VI x1.5
1.25e833 Animate Tools VII x1.5
6.5e869 Animate Assistants VII x1.5
7.25e896 Animate Machinery VII x1.5
8.16e903 Animate Automatons VII x1.5

Mana Production

Global profit bonus (151 upgrades, total : x3.3910554881977e+85)
Require Cost Name Global profit bonus
1e1 Spells casted 2000 Charged Orb x1.1
5e1 Spells casted 25000 Powered Orb x1.15
1e2 Spells casted 100000 Imbued Orb x1.2
5e2 Spells casted 1e6 Enchanted Orb x1.25
50 Mysteries 5e6 Apprentice Mage x1.5
1e3 Spells casted 1.5e7 Scintillating Orb x1.25
2.5e3 Spells casted 2e8 Altered Orb x1.25
5e3 Spells casted 2.5e9 Super Orb x1.25
1e3 Mysteries 5e10 Seasoned Mage x2
1.2e12 Insolence x2
1e10 Mysteries 5e16 Sorcerer x2
1.9e19 Impudence x4
1e15 Mysteries 5e23 Warlock x2
1.2e24 Echo Of Past Deeds x1.5
1e20 Mysteries 5e31 Magister x2
3.3e33 Impertinence x5
1e25 Mysteries 5e40 Wizard x2
1e4 Spells casted 2e43 Charged Orb II x1.2
4.6e46 Audacity x6
1e30 Mysteries 5e51 Archmage x3
2.5e4 Spells casted 2.5e54 Powered Orb II x1.2
5e4 Spells casted 1e57 Imbued Orb II x1.2
7.5e4 Spells casted 1e60 Enchanted Orb II x1.2
3.2e62 Echo Of Paragons x1.75
1e5 Spells casted 1.5e63 Scintillating Orb II x1.2
2e5 Spells casted 2e67 Altered Orb II x1.2
1e40 Mysteries 2.17e68 Void Pioneer x3
7.1e71 Insolence II x8
3e5 Spells casted 2.5e72 Super Orb II x1.2
1e50 Mysteries 5.84e79 Void Explorer x4
1e60 Mysteries 9.12e91 Void Academic x4
4.2e102 Echo Of Legends x2
1.9e119 Impudence II x8
1e70 Mysteries 2.17e121 Clerical Studies x4
3.3e133 Impertinence II x8
1e80 Mysteries 5.84e136 Clerical Lore x4
5.2e142 Echo Of Past Deeds II x2
4e5 Spells casted 2e143 Charged Orb III x1.25
1e90 Mysteries 9.12e148 Clerical Revelations x4
5e5 Spells casted 2.5e154 Powered Orb III x1.25
6e5 Spells casted 1e157 Imbued Orb III x1.25
7e5 Spells casted 1e160 Enchanted Orb III x1.25
100 Achiev. Points 1.1e162 New Heights x2
8e5 Spells casted 1.5e163 Scintillating Orb III x1.25
1e100 Mysteries 6.5e166 Clerical Divination x6
9e5 Spells casted 2e167 Altered Orb III x1.25
1e6 Spells casted 2.5e172 Super Orb III x1.25
8.3e183 Audacity II x8
50 Catalysts total 5.32e186 Rapid Catalyzation x3
1e110 Mysteries 7.77e191 Timeless Wizard x6
200 Achiev. Points 1.1e201 Patents x2
100 Catalysts total 5.32e206 Assortment Of Baubles x3
1e120 Mysteries 5.84e210 Timeless Magister x6
1e135 Mysteries 9.12e230 Timeless Archmage x11
200 Catalysts total 5.32e236 Rapid Catalyzation II x3
10 Expedition Level 1.87e243 Victor's Spoils x2
1e150 Mysteries 6.5e246 Lord Of Time x21
300 Achiev. Points 1.1e262 Higher Goals x2
20 Expedition Level 1.87e283 Rich Loot x2
1e170 Mysteries 7.77e291 Nomad-Mage x21
400 Catalysts total 5.32e296 Assortment Of Baubles II x3
1e190 Mysteries 5.84e310 Sand Warlock x11
400 Achiev. Points 1.1e323 New Heights II x2
30 Expedition Level 1.87e323 Victor's Spoils II x2
1e210 Mysteries 9.12e330 Grand Vizier x11
800 Catalysts total 5.32e336 Rapid Catalyzation III x3
2e6 Spells casted 2e343 Charged Orb IV x1.25
3e6 Spells casted 2.5e354 Powered Orb IV x1.25
4e6 Spells casted 1e357 Imbued Orb IV x1.25
5e6 Spells casted 1e360 Enchanted Orb IV x1.25
1000 Catalysts total 5.32e366 Assortment Of Baubles III x3
5.5e6 Spells casted 1.5e367 Scintillating Orb IV x1.25
6e6 Spells casted 2e372 Altered Orb IV x1.25
6.5e6 Spells casted 2.5e378 Super Orb IV x1.25
7.2e382 Echo Of Paragons II x2
500 Achiev. Points 1.1e384 Patents II x2
40 Expedition Level 1.87e393 Rich Loot II x2
2000 Catalysts total 5.32e396 Rapid Catalyzation IV x3
1e220 Mysteries 4e400 Higher Education x10
1e230 Mysteries 2e420 Alchemy Graduate x11
1.2e424 Echo Of Legends II x2
4000 Catalysts total 5.32e436 Assortment Of Baubles IV x4
1e240 Mysteries 3e440 Transmutation Doctorate x11
50 Expedition Level 1.87e453 Victor's Spoils III x2
1e250 Mysteries 4e480 Discovery Nominee x21
550 Achiev. Points 1.1e485 Higher Goals II x2
1e260 Mysteries 5e500 Prize-winning Theorist x11
1.2e504 Echo Of Past Deeds III x4
60 Expedition Level 1.87e513 Rich Loot III x2
1e270 Mysteries 6e520 Honorary Swordmaster x11
5000 Catalysts total 5.32e526 Rapid Catalyzation V x4
1e280 Mysteries 7e540 Grandmaster x11
1e290 Mysteries 8e560 Anti-Magic Evangelist x6
70 Expedition Level 1.87e563 Victor's Spoils IV x2
7e6 Spells casted 2e563 Charged Orb V x1.25
7.5e6 Spells casted 2.5e564 Powered Orb V x1.25
600 Achiev. Points 1.1e572 New Heights III x2
1e300 Mysteries 9e580 Nullification Doctorate x3
1 Realm Changes 1e582 Precognition x2
6000 Catalysts total 5.32e586 Assortment Of Baubles V x4
8e6 Spells casted 1e587 Imbued Orb V x1.25
8.5e6 Spells casted 1e590 Enchanted Orb V x1.25
9e6 Spells casted 1.5e597 Scintillating Orb V x1.25
1e320 Mysteries 1e600 Multiple Disciplines x6
9.5e6 Spells casted 2e602 Altered Orb V x1.25
1e7 Spells casted 2.5e608 Super Orb V x1.25
1e340 Mysteries 1e630 Hybrid Theory x11
80 Expedition Level 1.87e653 Rich Loot IV x2
1e360 Mysteries 1e660 Best Of Two Worlds x11
1e380 Mysteries 1e700 Double Master x21
4.2e704 Echo Of Paragons III x4
90 Expedition Level 1.87e723 Victor's Spoils V x2
1e400 Mysteries 1e800 Greater Than The Sum x21
100 Expedition Level 1.87e823 Rich Loot V x2
1e425 Mysteries 1e850 We Are As One x21
1e450 Mysteries 1e900 Temporal Scientist x31
2 Realm Changes 1e912 Farseeing x2
5.2e922 Echo Of Legends III x4
1e475 Mysteries 1e950 Time Shaper x21
1e500 Mysteries 1e1000 Incredible Mastery x31
7.2e1002 Echo Of Past Deeds IV x4
3 Realm Changes 1e1012 Premonition x4
1e525 Mysteries 1e1050 Immaculate Mastery x21
650 Achiev. Points 1.1e1062 Patents III x4
1e550 Mysteries 1e1100 Surreal Mastery x31
4 Realm Changes 1e1112 Omniscience x4
1e575 Mysteries 1e1150 Ascendant Mastery x21
1e600 Mysteries 1e1200 Transcendant Mastery x21
4.2e1204 Echo Of Paragons IV x4
5 Realm Changes 1e1212 Precognition II x6
1e625 Mysteries 1e1250 Overboard Preparations x21
1e650 Mysteries 1e1300 Supernatural Preparations x21
6 Realm Changes 1e1312 Farseeing II x6
700 Achiev. Points 1.1e1323 Higher Goals III x4
7000 Catalysts total 5.32e1366 Rapid Catalyzation VI x4
1e700 Mysteries 1e1400 Final Preparations x11
7 Realm Changes 1e1412 Premonition II x6
5.2e1422 Echo Of Legends IV x4
8000 Catalysts total 5.32e1426 Assortment Of Baubles VI x4
750 Achiev. Points 1.1e1462 New Heights IV x4
1e750 Mysteries 1e1500 Doomsday Plan x11
8 Realm Changes 1e1512 Omniscience II x6
1e800 Mysteries 1e1600 Ready For Anything x11
9 Realm Changes 1e1612 Precognition III x8
10 Realm Changes 1e1712 Farseeing III x8
1e900 Mysteries 1e1800 Grand Plan x11
11 Realm Changes 1e1812 Precognition IV x8
12 Realm Changes 1e1912 Farseeing IV x8
1e1000 Mysteries 1e2000 Unified Realms Theory x21
1e1100 Mysteries 1e2200 Temporal Horizon Model x11
1e1200 Mysteries 1e2400 Blessed Realm Thesis x11
Global profit from Nexi (13 upgrades, total : x1140480)
Nexi req. Cost Name Global profit bonus
1 1.2e15 Arcane Aura x1.5
8 2.5e26 Octahedral Alignment x2
27 1.3e39 Triangular Matrix x2
64 3.2e44 Hypercubical Augmentation x2
125 9.5e49 Superpentagram x2
216 2.5e59 Six-element Interlock x2
343 1.6e60 Septagon Focus-field x2
512 2.76e73 Multidimensional Symmetry x2
729 1.5e86 Nonagonal Conflux x3
1000 1.25e92 Universal Matrix x3
1100 6.11e102 Extradimensional Matrices x6
2000 6.11e202 Multi-timeline Hypermatrix x11
3000 1.21e251 Shadow Reflections x10
Global profit bonus from Mana sources (7 upgrades)
Require Mana source Cost Name Global profit bonus
1000 all-time autoclicks Mana Gem 5000 Charged Sources x (1 + 0.01 x (1 + amount)0.8 )
2500 all-time autoclicks Grimoire 95000 Powered Sources x (1 + 0.01 x (1 + amount)0.815 )
7500 all-time autoclicks Spell Fountain 8e6 Imbued Sources x (1 + 0.01 x (1 + amount)0.83 )
25000 all-time autoclicks Enchanted Tree 1.2e10 Enchanted Sources x (1 + 0.01 x (1 + amount)0.845 )
75000 all-time autoclicks Alchemy Desk 9.5e13 Scintillating Sources x (1 + 0.01 x (1 + amount)0.86 )
80000 all-time autoclicks Circle of Power 2.5e18 Altered Sources x (1 + 0.01 x (1 + amount)0.875 )
90000 all-time autoclicks Dimensional Rift 5e26 SuperSources x (1 + 0.01 x (1 + amount)0.9 )
Global profit from Achievement points (6 upgrades)
Cost Name Global profit bonus
1.4e9 Boasting x (1 + 0.0005 x points)
3.5e21 Pride x (1 + 0.0006 x points)
4.6e41 Honor Among Peers x (1 + 0.0007 x points)
5.7e54 Wizardly Renown x (1 + 0.0008 x points)
6.8e79 Revered Warlock x (1 + 0.0009 x points)
7.9e98 Exalted Archmage x (1 + 0.001 x points)

Mana Sources

Mana Gem production (142 upgrades, total : +2.3 and x4.2107859019257e+36)
Mana Gems req. Cost Name Production bonus
634 6.15e43 Jewelry +0.3
879 8.15e63 Crystalline Garments +2
1 500 Mana Quartz x2
25 12500 Mana Agate x2.5
50 250000 Mana Jade x3
75 8e7 Mana Garnet x3.5
100 8.5e8 Mana Amethyst x4
150 1.5e12 Mana Topaz x4.5
200 4.6e15 Mana Sapphire x5
300 2.8e23 Mana Ruby x5.5
400 3.5e29 Mana Emerald x6
500 1.6e35 Mana Diamond x6
600 5e42 Mana Quartz II x1.5
700 1.25e48 Mana Agate II x1.5
800 2.5e55 Mana Jade II x1.5
900 8e61 Mana Garnet II x1.5
1000 8.5e67 Mana Amethyst II x2
1100 1.5e73 Mana Topaz II x2
1200 4.6e80 Mana Sapphire II x2
1300 2.8e86 Mana Ruby II x2
1400 3.5e93 Mana Emerald II x2
1500 1.6e100 Mana Diamond II x3
2000 3e137 Mana Quartz III x2
2100 6.2e143 Mana Agate III x2
2200 2.45e150 Mana Jade III x2
2300 5.24e156 Mana Garnet III x3
2400 1.63e163 Mana Amethyst III x3
2500 4.15e169 Mana Topaz III x3
2600 9.8e175 Mana Sapphire III x3
2700 2.6e182 Mana Ruby III x3
2800 6.8e188 Mana Emerald III x3
2900 2e195 Mana Diamond III x1.75
3000 5e201 Mana Quartz IV x2
3100 1.2e208 Mana Agate IV x2
3200 2.45e213 Mana Jade IV x3
3300 5.24e220 Mana Garnet IV x3
3400 1.63e226 Mana Amethyst IV x2
3500 4.15e233 Mana Topaz IV x2
3600 9.8e239 Mana Sapphire IV x2
3700 2.6e245 Mana Ruby IV x2
3800 6.8e252 Mana Emerald IV x2
3900 2e259 Mana Diamond IV x1.5
4000 5e265 Mana Quartz V x1.2
4100 1.2e271 Mana Agate V x1.2
4200 2.45e278 Mana Jade V x1.2
4300 5.24e284 Mana Garnet V x1.5
4400 1.63e291 Mana Amethyst V x2
4500 4.15e297 Mana Topaz V x3
4600 9.8e303 Mana Sapphire V x1.5
4700 2.6e310 Mana Ruby V x1.5
4800 6.8e316 Mana Emerald V x1.5
4900 2e323 Mana Diamond V x1.5
5000 5e329 Mana Quartz VI x1.5
5200 1.2e342 Mana Agate VI x1.5
5400 2.45e355 Mana Jade VI x1.25
5600 5.24e368 Mana Garnet VI x1.25
5800 1.63e387 Mana Amethyst VI x2
6000 4.15e401 Mana Topaz VI x2
6200 9.8e413 Mana Sapphire VI x1.5
6400 2.6e426 Mana Ruby VI x1.5
6600 6.8e438 Mana Emerald VI x1.5
6800 2e443 Mana Diamond VI x1.5
7000 2.41e451 Mana Quartz VII x1.25
7200 1.88e466 Mana Agate VII x1.25
7400 1.46e479 Mana Jade VII x1.25
7600 1.14e492 Mana Garnet VII x1.5
7800 8.88e504 Mana Amethyst VII x1.5
8000 6.92e517 Mana Topaz VII x1.5
8200 5.39e530 Mana Sapphire VII x1.5
8400 4.2e543 Mana Ruby VII x1.5
8600 3.27e556 Mana Emerald VII x1.5
8800 2.55e569 Mana Diamond VII x1.5
9000 1.99e582 Mana Quartz VIII x1.5
9200 1.55e595 Mana Agate VIII x1.5
9400 1.21e608 Mana Jade VIII x1.5
9600 9.39e620 Mana Garnet VIII x1.5
9800 7.32e633 Mana Amethyst VIII x1.5
10000 5.7e646 Mana Topaz VIII x1.5
10200 4.44e659 Mana Sapphire VIII x1.5
10400 3.46e672 Mana Ruby VIII x1.5
10600 2.7e685 Mana Emerald VIII x2
10800 2.1e698 Mana Diamond VIII x2
11000 1.99e711 Mana Quartz IX x1.25
11200 1.55e724 Mana Agate IX x1.5
11400 1.21e736 Mana Jade IX x1.5
11600 9.39e749 Mana Garnet IX x1.5
11800 7.32e762 Mana Amethyst IX x1.5
12000 5.7e775 Mana Topaz IX x1.5
12200 4.44e788 Mana Sapphire IX x1.5
12400 3.46e801 Mana Ruby IX x1.5
12600 2.7e814 Mana Emerald IX x1.5
12800 2.1e827 Mana Diamond IX x1.5
13000 5.17e838 Mana Quartz X x1.5
13250 4.61e850 Mana Agate X x1.5
13500 4.12e862 Mana Jade X x1.25
13750 3.67e874 Mana Garnet X x1.25
14000 3.28e886 Mana Amethyst X x1.25
14250 2.93e898 Mana Topaz X x1.25
14500 2.61e910 Mana Sapphire X x1.5
14750 2.33e922 Mana Ruby X x1.5
15000 2.08e934 Mana Emerald X x1.5
15250 1.86e946 Mana Diamond X x2
15500 1.66e958 Mana Quartz XI x1.25
15750 1.48e970 Mana Agate XI x1.5
16000 1.32e982 Mana Jade XI x1.5
16250 1.18e994 Mana Garnet XI x1.5
16500 1.05e1006 Mana Amethyst XI x1.5
16600 9.37e1017 Mana Topaz XI x1.5
16700 8.36e1029 Mana Sapphire XI x1.5
16800 7.46e1041 Mana Ruby XI x1.5
16900 6.66e1053 Mana Emerald XI x2
17000 5.94e1065 Mana Diamond XI x1.5
17100 1.66e1212 Mana Quartz XII x1.5
17200 1.48e1229 Mana Agate XII x6
17300 1.32e1241 Mana Jade XII x3
17400 1.18e1264 Mana Garnet XII x4.5
17500 1.05e1285 Mana Amethyst XII x1.5
17600 9.37e1299 Mana Topaz XII x3
17700 8.36e1312 Mana Sapphire XII x1.5
17800 7.46e1331 Mana Ruby XII x2.25
17900 6.66e1352 Mana Emerald XII x1.5
18000 5.94e1365 Mana Diamond XII x2
18100 1.66e1712 Mana Quartz XIII x4.5
18200 1.48e1729 Mana Agate XIII x5
18300 1.32e1741 Mana Jade XIII x5
18400 1.18e1764 Mana Garnet XIII x5
18500 1.05e1785 Mana Amethyst XIII x5
18600 9.37e1801 Mana Topaz XIII x1.2
18700 8.36e1912 Mana Sapphire XIII x1.2
18800 7.46e1931 Mana Ruby XIII x1.2
18900 6.66e1952 Mana Emerald XIII x1.2
19000 5.94e1965 Mana Diamond XIII x1.2
19100 1.66e2112 Mana Quartz XIV x1.2
19200 1.48e2129 Mana Agate XIV x1.2
19300 1.32e2141 Mana Jade XIV x1.2
19400 1.18e2212 Mana Garnet XIV x1.2
19500 1.05e2264 Mana Amethyst XIV x1.2
19600 9.37e2285 Mana Topaz XIV x1.2
19700 8.36e2312 Mana Sapphire XIV x1.2
19800 7.46e2331 Mana Ruby XIV x1.2
19900 6.66e2352 Mana Emerald XIV x1.2
20000 5.94e2365 Mana Diamond XIV x1.2
Grimoire production (141 upgrades, total : +6.666 and x1.1999926646556e+45)
Grimoires req. Cost Name Production bonus
653 1.15e47 Forbidden Tomes +6.666
10 17500 Mana 101 x2
25 270000 Rituals for Beginners x2
50 8.25e6 Modern Spellcraft x2
75 2.8e9 Managing Your Mana x3
100 4.5e12 Advanced Magecraft x3
150 2.5e15 Magical Analysis x3
200 6.16e17 Magical Probabilities x4
300 7.5e24 Quantum Magics x4
400 6.5e31 Theory Of Everything Magical x5
500 1.36e37 All You Wanted To Know About Destroying The World x6
600 1.75e46 Mana 101 II x2
700 2.7e52 Rituals for Beginners II x2
800 8.25e58 Modern Spellcraft II x2
900 2.8e68 Managing Your Mana II x2
1000 4.5e72 Advanced Magecraft II x3
1100 2.5e79 Magical Analysis II x3
1200 6.16e86 Magical Probabilities II x3
1300 7.5e92 Quantum Magics II x4
1400 6.5e99 Theory Of Everything Magical II x4
1500 1.36e106 All You Wanted To Know About Destroying The World II x5
2000 2.75e146 Mana 101 III x2
2100 2.7e153 Rituals for Beginners III x2
2200 8.25e159 Modern Spellcraft III x3
2300 6.3e166 Managing Your Mana III x3
2400 4.5e173 Advanced Magecraft III x3
2500 3e180 Magical Analysis III x3
2600 2.16e187 Magical Probabilities III x4
2700 1.5e194 Quantum Magics III x4
2800 8.5e200 Theory Of Everything Magical III x4
2900 5.36e207 All You Wanted To Know About Destroying The World III x3
3000 2.75e213 Mana 101 IV x2
3100 2.7e220 Rituals for Beginners IV x2
3200 8.25e227 Modern Spellcraft IV x3
3300 6.3e234 Managing Your Mana IV x4.5
3400 4.5e240 Advanced Magecraft IV x3
3500 3e247 Magical Analysis IV x1.5
3600 2.16e254 Magical Probabilities IV x1.5
3700 1.5e261 Quantum Magics IV x1.5
3800 8.5e268 Theory Of Everything Magical IV x1.25
3900 5.36e274 All You Wanted To Know About Destroying The World IV x1.5
4000 2.75e281 Mana 101 V x2
4100 2.7e288 Rituals for Beginners V x3
4200 8.25e295 Modern Spellcraft V x2
4300 6.3e302 Managing Your Mana V x1.5
4400 4.5e308 Advanced Magecraft V x1.5
4500 3e315 Magical Analysis V x1.5
4600 2.16e322 Magical Probabilities V x1.5
4700 1.5e329 Quantum Magics V x1.5
4800 8.5e336 Theory Of Everything Magical V x1.5
4900 5.36e343 All You Wanted To Know About Destroying The World V x1.5
5000 2.75e349 Mana 101 VI x1.5
5100 2.7e356 Rituals for Beginners VI x1.5
5200 8.25e363 Modern Spellcraft VI x1.5
5300 6.3e370 Managing Your Mana VI x1.5
5400 4.5e377 Advanced Magecraft VI x1.5
5500 3e383 Magical Analysis VI x1.5
5600 2.16e390 Magical Probabilities VI x1.5
5700 1.5e397 Quantum Magics VI x1.5
5800 8.5e404 Theory Of Everything Magical VI x1.5
5900 5.36e411 All You Wanted To Know About Destroying The World VI x1.5
6000 3.13e412 Mana 101 VII x1.5
6200 1.36e426 Rituals for Beginners VII x1.5
6400 5.88e439 Modern Spellcraft VII x1.5
6600 2.55e453 Managing Your Mana VII x1.5
6800 1.11e467 Advanced Magecraft VII x1.5
7000 4.8e480 Magical Analysis VII x1.5
7200 2.08e494 Magical Probabilities VII x2
7400 9.03e507 Quantum Magics VII x2
7600 3.91e521 Theory Of Everything Magical VII x2
7800 1.7e535 All You Wanted To Know About Destroying The World VII x2
8000 7.36e548 Mana 101 VIII x1.5
8200 3.19e562 Rituals for Beginners VIII x1.5
8400 1.38e576 Modern Spellcraft VIII x1.5
8600 6e589 Managing Your Mana VIII x1.5
8800 2.6e603 Advanced Magecraft VIII x1.5
9000 1.13e617 Magical Analysis VIII x1.5
9200 4.9e630 Magical Probabilities VIII x1.5
9400 2.12e644 Quantum Magics VIII x1.5
9600 9.21e657 Theory Of Everything Magical VIII x1.5
9800 3.99e671 All You Wanted To Know About Destroying The World VIII x1.5
10000 7.36e685 Mana 101 IX x1.5
10200 3.19e698 Rituals for Beginners IX x1.5
10400 1.38e712 Modern Spellcraft IX x1.5
10600 6e726 Managing Your Mana IX x1.5
10800 2.6e739 Advanced Magecraft IX x1.5
11000 1.13e753 Magical Analysis IX x1.5
11200 4.9e767 Magical Probabilities IX x1.5
11400 2.12e780 Quantum Magics IX x3
11600 9.21e794 Theory Of Everything Magical IX x3
11800 3.99e807 All You Wanted To Know About Destroying The World IX x3
12000 8.83e816 Mana 101 X x3
12250 2.9e829 Rituals for Beginners X x3
12500 9.52e841 Modern Spellcraft X x3
12750 3.13e854 Managing Your Mana X x3
13000 1.03e867 Advanced Magecraft X x3
13250 3.37e879 Magical Analysis X x3
13500 1.11e892 Magical Probabilities X x2
13750 3.64e904 Quantum Magics X x2
14000 1.19e917 Theory Of Everything Magical X x2
14250 3.92e929 All You Wanted To Know About Destroying The World X x1.25
14500 1.29e942 Mana 101 XI x1.25
14750 4.23e954 Rituals for Beginners XI x1.25
15000 1.39e967 Modern Spellcraft XI x1.25
15250 4.56e979 Managing Your Mana XI x1.25
15500 1.5e992 Advanced Magecraft XI x1.5
15600 4.92e1004 Magical Analysis XI x1.5
15700 1.61e1017 Magical Probabilities XI x1.5
15800 5.3e1029 Quantum Magics XI x2
15900 1.74e1042 Theory Of Everything Magical XI x3
16000 5.72e1054 All You Wanted To Know About Destroying The World XI x5
16100 1.29e1212 Mana 101 XII x16
16200 4.23e1234 Rituals for Beginners XII x6
16300 1.39e1257 Modern Spellcraft XII x3
16400 4.56e1269 Managing Your Mana XII x6
16500 1.5e1282 Advanced Magecraft XII x3
16600 4.92e1298 Magical Analysis XII x1.75
16700 1.61e1317 Magical Probabilities XII x1.75
16800 5.3e1329 Quantum Magics XII x3
16900 1.74e1342 Theory Of Everything Magical XII x2.5
17000 5.72e1364 All You Wanted To Know About Destroying The World XII x3
17100 1.29e1712 Mana 101 XIII x2.5
17200 4.23e1734 Rituals for Beginners XIII x2.5
17300 1.39e1757 Modern Spellcraft XIII x2.5
17400 4.56e1769 Managing Your Mana XIII x2.5
17500 1.5e1782 Advanced Magecraft XIII x2.5
17600 4.92e1804 Magical Analysis XIII x1.32
17700 1.61e1917 Magical Probabilities XIII x1.5
17800 5.3e1929 Quantum Magics XIII x1.45
17900 1.74e1942 Theory Of Everything Magical XIII x1.45
18000 5.72e1964 All You Wanted To Know About Destroying The World XIII x1.45
18100 1.29e2112 Mana 101 XIV x2.22
18200 4.23e2134 Rituals for Beginners XIV x2
18300 1.39e2157 Modern Spellcraft XIV x2
18400 4.56e2234 Managing Your Mana XIV x1.8
18500 1.5e2269 Advanced Magecraft XIV x1.8
18600 4.92e2282 Magical Analysis XIV x1.8
18700 1.61e2317 Magical Probabilities XIV x1.4
18800 5.3e2329 Quantum Magics XIV x1.48
18900 1.74e2342 Theory Of Everything Magical XIV x1.5
19000 5.72e2364 All You Wanted To Know About Destroying The World XIV x1.5
Spell Fountain production (140 upgrades, total : x6.6731966922348e+52)
Spell Fountains req. Cost Name Production bonus
10 160000 Bird Baths x2
25 1.94e6 Extra Sprinklers x2
50 2.8e9 Empowered Water x2
75 5.8e10 Lifelike Statues x3
100 7.5e12 Water Spirits x3
150 9.2e16 Elevated Mana Levels x3
200 8.6e19 Deep Pool x3
300 1.4e27 Mana Fish x4
400 8.75e33 Mana Sharks x5
500 7.26e39 Mana Whales x5
600 1.6e50 Bird Baths II x2
700 1.94e57 Extra Sprinklers II x3
800 2.8e62 Empowered Water II x3
900 5.8e69 Lifelike Statues II x3
1000 7.5e77 Water Spirits II x3
1100 9.2e84 Elevated Mana Levels II x4
1200 8.6e91 Deep Pool II x4
1300 1.4e99 Mana Fish II x4
1400 8.75e105 Mana Sharks II x5
1500 7.26e113 Mana Whales II x6
2000 2.6e147 Bird Baths III x2
2100 3e162 Extra Sprinklers III x3
2200 4e169 Empowered Water III x3
2300 4e176 Lifelike Statues III x3
2400 7.5e183 Water Spirits III x3
2500 1.6e191 Elevated Mana Levels III x3
2600 1.4e198 Deep Pool III x5
2700 2.26e205 Mana Fish III x6
2800 4.75e212 Mana Sharks III x8
2900 6e219 Mana Whales III x8
3000 2.6e226 Bird Baths IV x4
3100 3e231 Extra Sprinklers IV x3
3200 4e240 Empowered Water IV x2
3300 4e247 Lifelike Statues IV x1.5
3400 7.5e254 Water Spirits IV x1.75
3500 1.6e262 Elevated Mana Levels IV x1.5
3600 1.4e269 Deep Pool IV x1.75
3700 2.26e276 Mana Fish IV x2
3800 4.75e283 Mana Sharks IV x4
3900 6e290 Mana Whales IV x4
4000 2.6e297 Bird Baths V x4
4200 3e305 Extra Sprinklers V x3
4400 4e319 Empowered Water V x2
4600 4e333 Lifelike Statues V x1.5
4800 7.5e348 Water Spirits V x1.75
5000 1.6e362 Elevated Mana Levels V x1.5
5200 1.4e377 Deep Pool V x1.75
5400 2.26e391 Mana Fish V x2
5600 4.75e405 Mana Sharks V x2
5800 6e420 Mana Whales V x4
6000 6.27e435 Bird Baths VI x4
6400 3.55e464 Empowered Water VI x2
6600 8.44e478 Lifelike Statues VI x1.5
6800 2.01e493 Water Spirits VI x1.75
7000 4.78e507 Elevated Mana Levels VI x1.5
7200 1.14e522 Deep Pool VI x1.75
7400 2.7e536 Mana Fish VI x2
6200 1.49e540 Extra Sprinklers VI x3
7600 6.43e550 Mana Sharks VI x2
7800 1.53e565 Mana Whales VI x4
8000 3.64e579 Bird Baths VII x4
8200 8.66e593 Extra Sprinklers VII x3
8400 2.06e608 Empowered Water VII x2
8600 4.9e622 Lifelike Statues VII x1.5
8800 1.17e637 Water Spirits VII x1.75
9000 2.77e651 Elevated Mana Levels VII x1.5
9200 6.6e665 Deep Pool VII x1.75
9400 1.57e680 Mana Fish VII x2
9600 3.73e694 Mana Sharks VII x2
9800 8.88e708 Mana Whales VII x4
10000 3.64e723 Bird Baths VIII x4
10200 8.66e737 Extra Sprinklers VIII x3
10400 2.06e752 Empowered Water VIII x2
10600 4.9e766 Lifelike Statues VIII x1.5
10800 1.17e780 Water Spirits VIII x2
11000 2.77e795 Elevated Mana Levels VIII x2
11200 6.6e809 Deep Pool VIII x2
11400 1.57e823 Mana Fish VIII x3
11600 3.73e838 Mana Sharks VIII x3
11800 8.88e852 Mana Whales VIII x3
12000 4.11e854 Bird Baths IX x3
12250 4.92e867 Extra Sprinklers IX x3
12500 5.9e880 Empowered Water IX x3
12750 7.07e893 Lifelike Statues IX x2
13000 8.47e906 Water Spirits IX x2
13250 1.01e920 Elevated Mana Levels IX x2
13500 1.22e933 Deep Pool IX x2
13750 1.46e946 Mana Fish IX x3
14000 1.75e959 Mana Sharks IX x2
14250 2.09e972 Mana Whales IX x3
14500 2.51e985 Bird Baths X x3
14600 1.62e995 Extra Sprinklers X x1.5
14700 1.04e1005 Empowered Water X x1.5
14800 6.7e1014 Lifelike Statues X x1.5
14900 4.32e1024 Water Spirits X x1.5
15000 2.78e1034 Elevated Mana Levels X x1.5
15050 1.79e1044 Deep Pool X x2
15100 1.15e1054 Mana Fish X x2
15150 7.43e1063 Mana Sharks X x3
15200 4.78e1073 Mana Whales X x4
15250 2.51e1215 Bird Baths XI x6
15300 1.62e1235 Extra Sprinklers XI x12
15350 1.04e1248 Empowered Water XI x4
15400 6.7e1264 Lifelike Statues XI x8
15450 4.32e1284 Water Spirits XI x4
15500 2.78e1304 Elevated Mana Levels XI x2
15550 1.79e1324 Deep Pool XI x6
15600 1.15e1344 Mana Fish XI x2
15650 7.43e1363 Mana Sharks XI x3
15700 4.78e1379 Mana Whales XI x3.25
15750 2.51e1715 Bird Baths XII x2
15800 1.62e1835 Extra Sprinklers XII x2
15850 1.04e1848 Empowered Water XII x1.5
15900 6.7e1864 Lifelike Statues XII x1.5
15950 4.32e1904 Water Spirits XII x1.35
16000 2.78e1924 Elevated Mana Levels XII x1.35
16050 1.79e1944 Deep Pool XII x1.4
16100 1.15e1964 Mana Fish XII x1.4
16150 7.43e1979 Mana Sharks XII x1.4
16200 4.78e1992 Mana Whales XII x1.4
16250 2.51e2015 Bird Baths XIII x1.5
16300 1.62e2035 Extra Sprinklers XIII x1.37
16350 1.04e2048 Empowered Water XIII x1.35
16400 6.7e2064 Lifelike Statues XIII x1.35
16450 4.32e2092 Water Spirits XIII x1.35
16500 2.78e2124 Elevated Mana Levels XIII x1.4
16550 1.79e2144 Deep Pool XIII x1.52
16600 1.15e2164 Mana Fish XIII x1.6
16650 7.43e2179 Mana Sharks XIII x1.6
16700 4.78e2192 Mana Whales XIII x1.6
16250 2.51e2215 Bird Baths XIV x1.52
16300 1.62e2235 Extra Sprinklers XIV x1.54
16350 1.04e2248 Empowered Water XIV x1.55
16400 6.7e2264 Lifelike Statues XIV x1.55
16450 4.32e2292 Water Spirits XIV x1.55
16500 2.78e2324 Elevated Mana Levels XIV x1.6
16550 1.79e2344 Deep Pool XIV x1.6
16600 1.15e2364 Mana Fish XIV x1.6
16650 7.43e2379 Mana Sharks XIV x1.6
16700 4.78e2392 Mana Whales XIV x1.6
Enchanted Tree production (140 upgrades, total : x1.6637902741326e+60)
Enchanted Trees req. Cost Name Production bonus
10 7.2e6 Rich Soil x2
25 5.35e8 Fertilizers x2
50 2.6e11 New Cultures x3
75 4.8e12 Hardcore Enchantment x3
100 5.5e14 Vast Gardens x3
150 4.25e18 Empowered Sunlight x3
200 4.6e21 Artificial Trees x3
300 3.35e29 Magical Bees x4
400 7.5e35 Hydroponic Gardens x5
500 5.26e43 World Trees x5
600 7.2e53 Rich Soil II x3
700 5.35e60 Fertilizers II x3
800 2.6e66 New Cultures II x3
900 4.8e74 Hardcore Enchantment II x3
1000 5.5e82 Vast Gardens II x3
1100 4.25e89 Empowered Sunlight II x4
1200 4.6e97 Artificial Trees II x4
1300 3.35e104 Magical Bees II x4
1400 7.5e112 Hydroponic Gardens II x5
1500 5.26e119 World Trees II x5
2000 3e156 Rich Soil III x4
2100 1.35e164 Fertilizers III x5
2200 4.6e171 New Cultures III x5
2300 1.8e179 Hardcore Enchantment III x5
2400 5e186 Vast Gardens III x5
2500 2.25e194 Empowered Sunlight III x6
2600 6.6e201 Artificial Trees III x6
2700 2.35e209 Magical Bees III x5
2800 9.5e216 Hydroponic Gardens III x4
2900 3.6e224 World Trees III x3
3000 3e238 Rich Soil IV x3
3100 1.35e246 Fertilizers IV x2
3200 4.6e253 New Cultures IV x1.5
3300 1.8e261 Hardcore Enchantment IV x2
3400 5e268 Vast Gardens IV x2
3500 2.25e276 Empowered Sunlight IV x2
3600 6.6e283 Artificial Trees IV x2
3700 2.35e291 Magical Bees IV x3
3800 9.5e299 Hydroponic Gardens IV x3
3900 3.6e306 World Trees IV x2
4000 3e314 Rich Soil V x3
4100 1.35e321 Fertilizers V x2
4200 4.6e329 New Cultures V x1.5
4300 1.8e336 Hardcore Enchantment V x2
4400 5e344 Vast Gardens V x2
4500 2.25e351 Empowered Sunlight V x2
4600 6.6e359 Artificial Trees V x2
4700 2.35e367 Magical Bees V x3
4800 9.5e374 Hydroponic Gardens V x3
4900 3.6e379 World Trees V x4
5000 2.97e383 Rich Soil VI x3
5200 3.82e398 Fertilizers VI x2
5400 4.91e413 New Cultures VI x1.5
5600 6.31e428 Hardcore Enchantment VI x2
5800 8.12e443 Vast Gardens VI x2
6000 1.04e459 Empowered Sunlight VI x2
6200 1.34e474 Artificial Trees VI x2
6400 1.73e489 Magical Bees VI x3
6600 2.22e504 Hydroponic Gardens VI x3
6800 2.86e519 World Trees VI x4
7000 3.68e534 Rich Soil VII x3
7200 4.74e549 Fertilizers VII x2
7400 6.09e564 New Cultures VII x1.5
7600 7.84e579 Hardcore Enchantment VII x2
7800 1.01e595 Vast Gardens VII x2
8000 1.3e610 Empowered Sunlight VII x2
8200 1.67e625 Artificial Trees VII x2
8400 2.15e640 Magical Bees VII x3
8600 2.76e655 Hydroponic Gardens VII x3
8800 3.55e670 World Trees VII x4
9000 3.68e685 Rich Soil VIII x3
9200 4.74e700 Fertilizers VIII x2
9400 6.09e715 New Cultures VIII x1.5
9600 7.84e730 Hardcore Enchantment VIII x3
9800 1.01e746 Vast Gardens VIII x3
10000 1.3e761 Empowered Sunlight VIII x3
10200 1.67e776 Artificial Trees VIII x3
10400 2.15e791 Magical Bees VIII x4
10600 2.76e806 Hydroponic Gardens VIII x4
10800 3.55e821 World Trees VIII x5
11000 1.15e858 Rich Soil IX x5
11250 4.99e871 Fertilizers IX x4
11500 2.16e885 New Cultures IX x4
11750 9.38e898 Hardcore Enchantment IX x4
12000 4.07e912 Vast Gardens IX x2
12250 1.76e926 Empowered Sunlight IX x2
12500 7.65e939 Artificial Trees IX x3
12750 3.32e953 Magical Bees IX x3
13000 1.44e967 Hydroponic Gardens IX x3
13250 6.24e980 World Trees IX x3
13500 2.71e994 Rich Soil X x2
13600 1.78e1001 Fertilizers X x2
13700 1.17e1008 New Cultures X x1.5
13800 7.73e1014 Hardcore Enchantment X x2
13900 5.09e1021 Vast Gardens X x2.5
14000 3.35e1028 Empowered Sunlight X x2
14100 2.21e1035 Artificial Trees X x2
14200 1.45e1042 Magical Bees X x2
14300 9.58e1048 Hydroponic Gardens X x2
14400 6.31e1055 World Trees X x3
14500 2.71e1214 Rich Soil XI x44
14600 1.78e1231 Fertilizers XI x32
14700 1.17e1258 New Cultures XI x4.5
14800 7.73e1274 Hardcore Enchantment XI x12
14900 5.09e1291 Vast Gardens XI x5
15000 3.35e1308 Empowered Sunlight XI x2
15100 2.21e1325 Artificial Trees XI x10
15200 1.45e1342 Magical Bees XI x2
15300 9.58e1368 Hydroponic Gardens XI x5
15400 6.31e1385 World Trees XI x3
15500 2.71e1714 Rich Soil XII x1.25
15600 1.78e1831 Fertilizers XII x2
15700 1.17e1858 New Cultures XII x2
15800 7.73e1874 Hardcore Enchantment XII x2
15900 5.09e1901 Vast Gardens XII x1.7
16000 3.35e1908 Empowered Sunlight XII x1.6
16100 2.21e1925 Artificial Trees XII x1.6
16200 1.45e1942 Magical Bees XII x1.6
16300 9.58e1968 Hydroponic Gardens XII x1.58
16400 6.31e1985 World Trees XII x1.5
16500 2.71e2014 Rich Soil XIII x1.72
16600 1.78e2031 Fertilizers XIII x1.6
16700 1.17e2058 New Cultures XIII x1.6
16800 7.73e2074 Hardcore Enchantment XIII x1.6
16900 5.09e2081 Vast Gardens XIII x1.6
17000 3.35e2108 Empowered Sunlight XIII x1.88
17100 2.21e2125 Artificial Trees XIII x1.8
17200 1.45e2142 Magical Bees XIII x1.8
17300 9.58e2168 Hydroponic Gardens XIII x1.8
17400 6.31e2185 World Trees XIII x1.8
17500 2.71e2214 Rich Soil XIV x1.6
17600 1.78e2231 Fertilizers XIV x1.67
17700 1.17e2258 New Cultures XIV x1.7
17800 7.73e2274 Hardcore Enchantment XIV x1.7
17900 5.09e2281 Vast Gardens XIV x1.7
18000 3.35e2308 Empowered Sunlight XIV x1.9
18100 2.21e2325 Artificial Trees XIV x1.9
18200 1.45e2342 Magical Bees XIV x1.9
18300 9.58e2368 Hydroponic Gardens XIV x1.9
18400 6.31e2385 World Trees XIV x1.81
Alchemy Desk production (140 upgrades, total : x1.843719830972e+67)
Alchemy Desks req. Cost Name Production bonus
10 8e8 Alchemy Teacher x2
25 8.5e9 Self-educating x2
50 6.5e13 Full Inventory x2
75 3.58e14 Augmented Flasks x2
100 8.5e16 Volatile Ingredients x3
150 4.62e19 Multi-surface Desks x3
200 2.6e23 Summoned Assistants x3
300 1.7e31 Long-term Brewing x4
400 3.5e38 Tasty Additions x5
500 3.426e47 One Big Cauldron x5
600 8e57 Alchemy Teacher II x3
700 8.5e64 Self-educating II x3
800 6.5e72 Full Inventory II x3
900 3.58e80 Augmented Flasks II x3
1000 1.5e87 Volatile Ingredients II x4
1100 4.62e94 Multi-surface Desks II x4
1200 2.6e102 Summoned Assistants II x4
1300 1.7e110 Long-term Brewing II x4
1400 3.5e118 Tasty Additions II x5
1500 3.426e126 One Big Cauldron II x5
2000 2e164 Alchemy Teacher III x5
2100 1e173 Self-educating III x5
2200 6.5e180 Full Inventory III x6
2300 3.58e188 Augmented Flasks III x7
2400 1.5e196 Volatile Ingredients III x9
2500 4.62e204 Multi-surface Desks III x9
2600 2.6e212 Summoned Assistants III x6
2700 1.7e220 Long-term Brewing III x6
2800 1.5e228 Tasty Additions III x4
2900 1.426e236 One Big Cauldron III x2
3000 2e251 Alchemy Teacher IV x2.5
3100 1e259 Self-educating IV x2.5
3200 6.5e267 Full Inventory IV x2.75
3300 3.58e274 Augmented Flasks IV x2.5
3400 1.5e282 Volatile Ingredients IV x3
3500 4.62e290 Multi-surface Desks IV x3
3600 2.6e298 Summoned Assistants IV x3
3700 1.7e306 Long-term Brewing IV x2
3800 1.5e314 Tasty Additions IV x2
3900 1.426e322 One Big Cauldron IV x2
4000 2e330 Alchemy Teacher V x2
4100 1e338 Self-educating V x2.5
4200 6.5e346 Full Inventory V x2.5
4300 3.58e354 Augmented Flasks V x2.5
4400 1.5e362 Volatile Ingredients V x3
4500 4.62e370 Multi-surface Desks V x3
4600 2.6e377 Summoned Assistants V x3
4700 1.7e385 Long-term Brewing V x2
4800 1.5e393 Tasty Additions V x2
4900 1.426e398 One Big Cauldron V x2
5000 9.51e402 Alchemy Teacher VI x2
5200 6.52e418 Self-educating VI x3
5400 4.47e434 Full Inventory VI x3
5600 3.07e450 Augmented Flasks VI x3
5800 2.1e466 Volatile Ingredients VI x3
6000 1.44e482 Multi-surface Desks VI x3
6200 9.9e497 Summoned Assistants VI x3
6400 6.79e513 Long-term Brewing VI x3
6600 4.66e529 Tasty Additions VI x3
6800 3.2e545 One Big Cauldron VI x2
7000 2.19e561 Alchemy Teacher VII x2
7200 1.5e577 Self-educating VII x2.5
7400 1.03e593 Full Inventory VII x2.5
7600 7.07e608 Augmented Flasks VII x2.5
7800 4.85e624 Volatile Ingredients VII x3
8000 3.33e640 Multi-surface Desks VII x3
8200 2.28e656 Summoned Assistants VII x3
8400 1.56e672 Long-term Brewing VII x2
8600 1.07e688 Tasty Additions VII x4
8800 7.36e703 One Big Cauldron VII x4
9000 2.19e719 Alchemy Teacher VIII x4
9200 1.5e735 Self-educating VIII x4
9400 1.03e751 Full Inventory VIII x4
9600 7.07e767 Augmented Flasks VIII x4
9800 4.85e783 Volatile Ingredients VIII x4
10000 3.33e798 Multi-surface Desks VIII x4
10200 2.28e814 Summoned Assistants VIII x4
10400 1.56e830 Long-term Brewing VIII x4
10600 1.07e846 Tasty Additions VIII x4
10800 7.36e862 One Big Cauldron VIII x4
11000 6.24e872 Alchemy Teacher IX x3
11200 2.75e883 Self-educating IX x3
11400 1.21e894 Full Inventory IX x3
11600 5.34e904 Augmented Flasks IX x4
11800 2.35e915 Volatile Ingredients IX x4
12000 1.04e926 Multi-surface Desks IX x4
12200 4.57e936 Summoned Assistants IX x3
12400 2.01e947 Long-term Brewing IX x3
12600 8.88e957 Tasty Additions IX x2
12800 3.91e968 One Big Cauldron IX x2
13000 3.35e1000 Alchemy Teacher X x2
13050 4.18e1007 Self-educating X x2
13100 5.21e1014 Full Inventory X x2
13200 6.5e1021 Augmented Flasks X x2
13300 8.12e1028 Volatile Ingredients X x2
13400 1.01e1036 Multi-surface Desks X x2
13500 1.26e1043 Summoned Assistants X x2
13600 1.58e1050 Long-term Brewing X x2
13700 1.97e1057 Tasty Additions X x2
13800 2.45e1064 One Big Cauldron X x2.5
13900 3.35e1210 Alchemy Teacher XI x96
14000 4.18e1237 Self-educating XI x72
14100 5.21e1254 Full Inventory XI x7.5
14200 6.5e1271 Augmented Flasks XI x12
14300 8.12e1298 Volatile Ingredients XI x8
14400 1.01e1316 Multi-surface Desks XI x3.5
14500 1.26e1333 Summoned Assistants XI x7.5
14600 1.58e1350 Long-term Brewing XI x3
14700 1.97e1367 Tasty Additions XI x4
14800 2.45e1384 One Big Cauldron XI x5
14900 3.35e1710 Alchemy Teacher XII x1.8
15000 4.18e1837 Self-educating XII x2
15100 5.21e1854 Full Inventory XII x2
15200 6.5e1871 Augmented Flasks XII x2
15300 8.12e1898 Volatile Ingredients XII x1.75
15400 1.01e1916 Multi-surface Desks XII x2.45
15500 1.26e1933 Summoned Assistants XII x2
15600 1.58e1950 Long-term Brewing XII x2
15700 1.97e1967 Tasty Additions XII x2
15800 2.45e1984 One Big Cauldron XII x2
15900 3.35e2010 Alchemy Teacher XIII x1.94
16000 4.18e2037 Self-educating XIII x1.9
16100 5.21e2054 Full Inventory XIII x1.9
16200 6.5e2071 Augmented Flasks XIII x1.9
16300 8.12e2098 Volatile Ingredients XIII x1.9
16400 1.01e2116 Multi-surface Desks XIII x2
16500 1.26e2133 Summoned Assistants XIII x2
16600 1.58e2150 Long-term Brewing XIII x1.95
16700 1.97e2167 Tasty Additions XIII x1.95
16800 2.45e2184 One Big Cauldron XIII x1.94
16900 3.35e2210 Alchemy Teacher XIV x1.93
17000 4.18e2237 Self-educating XIV x1.97
17100 5.21e2254 Full Inventory XIV x1.97
17200 6.5e2271 Augmented Flasks XIV x1.97
17300 8.12e2284 Volatile Ingredients XIV x2
17400 1.01e2316 Multi-surface Desks XIV x2.22
17500 1.26e2333 Summoned Assistants XIV x2.22
17600 1.58e2350 Long-term Brewing XIV x2.21
17700 1.97e2367 Tasty Additions XIV x2.21
17800 2.45e2384 One Big Cauldron XIV x2.21
Circle of Power production (140 upgrades, total : x6.0345608879835e+73)
Circles of Power req. Cost Name Production bonus
10 1e11 Expensive Charcoals x2
25 3.5e12 Powder Collection x2
50 9e14 Accurate Drawings x2
75 3.2e16 Bigger Circles x2
100 1.5e19 Longer Incantations x2
150 2.5e22 Nice Candles x3
200 2.6e26 Circles In Circles x3
300 3.1e34 Drawing On Walls x3
400 4.5e42 Patterns x5
500 8e50 Thinking Before Drawing x5
600 1e59 Expensive Charcoals II x3
700 3.5e69 Powder Collection II x3
800 9e76 Accurate Drawings II x4
900 3.2e84 Bigger Circles II x4
1000 1.5e93 Longer Incantations II x4
1100 2.5e101 Nice Candles II x4
1200 2.6e109 Circles In Circles II x5
1300 3.1e117 Drawing On Walls II x5
1400 4.5e126 Patterns II x6
1500 8e134 Thinking Before Drawing II x6
2000 1e174 Expensive Charcoals III x6
2100 3.5e182 Powder Collection III x6
2200 9e190 Accurate Drawings III x8
2300 3.2e198 Bigger Circles III x11
2400 1.5e206 Longer Incantations III x17
2500 2.5e215 Nice Candles III x19
2600 2.6e223 Circles In Circles III x3
2700 3.1e231 Drawing On Walls III x4
2800 4.5e238 Patterns III x4
2900 8e245 Thinking Before Drawing III x4
3000 1e264 Expensive Charcoals IV x3
3100 3.5e273 Powder Collection IV x2
3200 9e281 Accurate Drawings IV x3
3300 3.2e289 Bigger Circles IV x3
3400 1.5e297 Longer Incantations IV x3
3500 2.5e306 Nice Candles IV x2
3600 2.6e314 Circles In Circles IV x2
3700 3.1e322 Drawing On Walls IV x2
3800 4.5e330 Patterns IV x2
3900 8e339 Thinking Before Drawing IV x2
4000 1e347 Expensive Charcoals V x3
4100 3.5e355 Powder Collection V x3
4200 9e364 Accurate Drawings V x3
4300 3.2e372 Bigger Circles V x3
4400 1.5e380 Longer Incantations V x3
4500 2.5e388 Nice Candles V x2.5
4600 2.6e397 Circles In Circles V x2
4700 3.1e405 Drawing On Walls V x3
4800 4.5e413 Patterns V x3
4900 8e422 Thinking Before Drawing V x3
5000 2.39e423 Expensive Charcoals VI x3
5200 8.61e439 Powder Collection VI x3
5400 3.1e456 Accurate Drawings VI x3
5600 1.12e473 Bigger Circles VI x3
5800 4.04e489 Longer Incantations VI x3
6000 1.46e506 Nice Candles VI x3
6200 5.25e522 Circles In Circles VI x3
6400 1.89e539 Drawing On Walls VI x3
6600 6.83e555 Patterns VI x3
6800 2.46e572 Thinking Before Drawing VI x3
7000 8.88e588 Expensive Charcoals VII x3
7200 3.2e605 Powder Collection VII x3
7400 1.16e622 Accurate Drawings VII x3
7600 4.17e638 Bigger Circles VII x3
7800 1.5e655 Longer Incantations VII x3
8000 5.42e671 Nice Candles VII x3
8200 1.95e688 Circles In Circles VII x3
8400 7.05e704 Drawing On Walls VII x3
8600 2.54e721 Patterns VII x4
8800 9.17e737 Thinking Before Drawing VII x5
9000 8.88e754 Expensive Charcoals VIII x6
9200 3.2e771 Powder Collection VIII x6
9400 1.16e787 Accurate Drawings VIII x6
9600 4.17e804 Bigger Circles VIII x6
9800 1.5e820 Longer Incantations VIII x6
10000 5.42e837 Nice Candles VIII x6
10200 1.95e853 Circles In Circles VIII x6
10400 7.05e870 Drawing On Walls VIII x6
10600 2.54e886 Patterns VIII x6
10800 9.17e903 Thinking Before Drawing VIII x5
11000 6.53e908 Expensive Charcoals IX x4
11200 3.62e923 Powder Collection IX x4
11400 2.01e938 Accurate Drawings IX x4
11600 1.11e953 Bigger Circles IX x3
11800 6.16e967 Longer Incantations IX x4
12000 3.41e982 Nice Candles IX x4
12250 1.89e997 Circles In Circles IX x6
12500 1.05e1012 Drawing On Walls IX x6
12750 5.81e1026 Patterns IX x9
13000 3.22e1041 Thinking Before Drawing IX x9
13250 6.53e1218 Expensive Charcoals X x96
13500 3.62e1233 Powder Collection X x101
13750 2.01e1258 Accurate Drawings X x25
14000 1.11e1273 Bigger Circles X x11
14250 6.16e1297 Longer Incantations X x14
14500 3.41e1312 Nice Candles X x4
14750 1.89e1337 Circles In Circles X x6
15000 1.05e1352 Drawing On Walls X x6
15250 5.81e1376 Patterns X x8
15500 3.22e1391 Thinking Before Drawing X x2
15750 6.53e1718 Expensive Charcoals XI x2
16000 3.62e1758 Powder Collection XI x2
16250 2.01e1818 Accurate Drawings XI x3
16500 1.11e1837 Bigger Circles XI x2
16750 6.16e1852 Longer Incantations XI x2
17000 3.41e1897 Nice Candles XI x2
17250 1.89e1918 Circles In Circles XI x1.65
17500 1.05e1937 Drawing On Walls XI x1.67
17750 5.81e1942 Patterns XI x1.67
18000 3.22e1948 Thinking Before Drawing XI x1.67
15750 6.53e1958 Expensive Charcoals XII x1.67
16000 3.62e1968 Powder Collection XII x1.67
16250 2.01e1978 Accurate Drawings XII x1.67
16500 1.11e1987 Bigger Circles XII x1.7
16750 6.16e1991 Longer Incantations XII x1.7
17250 1.89e2037 Circles In Circles XII x2
17500 1.05e2052 Drawing On Walls XII x2
17750 5.81e2076 Patterns XII x2
18000 3.22e2091 Thinking Before Drawing XII x2
17000 3.41e2097 Nice Candles XII x2.4
18250 6.53e2108 Expensive Charcoals XIII x1.62
18500 3.62e2118 Powder Collection XIII x1.7
18750 2.01e2138 Accurate Drawings XIII x1.7
19000 1.11e2147 Bigger Circles XIII x1.7
19250 6.16e2151 Longer Incantations XIII x1.7
19500 3.41e2167 Nice Candles XIII x1.7
19750 1.89e2177 Circles In Circles XIII x1.7
20000 1.05e2191 Drawing On Walls XIII x1.7
20250 5.81e2206 Patterns XIII x1.9
20500 3.22e2218 Thinking Before Drawing XIII x1.85
20750 6.53e2238 Expensive Charcoals XIV x1.8
21000 3.62e2268 Powder Collection XIV x1.8
21250 2.01e2278 Accurate Drawings XIV x1.8
21500 1.11e2287 Bigger Circles XIV x1.8
21750 6.16e2291 Longer Incantations XIV x1.8
22000 3.41e2307 Nice Candles XIV x2.4
22250 1.89e2337 Circles In Circles XIV x2.4
22500 1.05e2352 Drawing On Walls XIV x2.4
22750 5.81e2376 Patterns XIV x2.4
23000 3.22e2391 Thinking Before Drawing XIV x2.4
Dimensional Rift production (140 upgrades, total : x8.7644959136359e+79)
Dimensional Rifts req. Cost Name Production bonus
10 2e12 Big Rifts x3
25 3.5e14 Rift Longevity x3
50 5e16 Rapid Setup x3
75 4.2e18 Rifts In Rifts x3
100 1.5e20 Random Destination x2
150 3.5e24 Permanent Rifts x3
200 3.6e28 Expeditions x3
300 3.76e36 Rift Dwellers x3
400 5.5e44 Rift Science x4
500 2e53 Deity-sized Rifts x5
600 2e64 Big Rifts II x3
700 3.5e72 Rift Longevity II x3
800 5e81 Rapid Setup II x4
900 4.2e89 Rifts In Rifts II x4
1000 1.5e97 Random Destination II x4
1100 3.5e106 Permanent Rifts II x4
1200 3.6e115 Expeditions II x5
1300 3.76e123 Rift Dwellers II x5
1400 5.5e132 Rift Science II x6
1500 2e140 Deity-sized Rifts II x8
2000 2e182 Big Rifts III x9
2100 3.5e189 Rift Longevity III x13
2200 5e197 Rapid Setup III x16
2300 4.2e205 Rifts In Rifts III x12
2400 1.5e215 Random Destination III x11
2500 3.5e221 Permanent Rifts III x5
2900 2e225 Deity-sized Rifts III x2.75
2600 3.6e229 Expeditions III x5
2700 3.76e238 Rift Dwellers III x2
2800 5.5e247 Rift Science III x2
3000 2e277 Big Rifts IV x4
3100 3.5e285 Rift Longevity IV x4
3200 5e294 Rapid Setup IV x4
3300 4.2e303 Rifts In Rifts IV x3
3400 1.5e311 Random Destination IV x3
3500 3.5e320 Permanent Rifts IV x3
3600 3.6e328 Expeditions IV x3
3700 3.76e337 Rift Dwellers IV x3
3800 5.5e346 Rift Science IV x3
3900 2e354 Deity-sized Rifts IV x3
4000 2e363 Big Rifts V x2
4100 3.5e372 Rift Longevity V x2
4200 5e380 Rapid Setup V x2
4300 4.2e389 Rifts In Rifts V x3
4400 1.5e398 Random Destination V x3
4500 3.5e406 Permanent Rifts V x3
4600 3.6e415 Expeditions V x4
4700 3.76e423 Rift Dwellers V x4
4800 5.5e432 Rift Science V x4
4900 2e441 Deity-sized Rifts V x5
5000 3.92e442 Big Rifts VI x3
5200 7.33e459 Rift Longevity VI x3
5400 1.37e477 Rapid Setup VI x3
5600 2.56e494 Rifts In Rifts VI x3
5800 4.8e511 Random Destination VI x3
6000 8.97e528 Permanent Rifts VI x3
6200 1.68e546 Expeditions VI x3
6400 3.14e563 Rift Dwellers VI x3
6600 5.87e580 Rift Science VI x3
6800 1.1e598 Deity-sized Rifts VI x3
7000 3.92e615 Big Rifts VII x3
7200 7.33e632 Rift Longevity VII x3
7400 1.37e649 Rapid Setup VII x4
7600 2.56e667 Rifts In Rifts VII x5
7800 4.8e684 Random Destination VII x5
8000 8.97e701 Permanent Rifts VII x5
8200 7.88e718 Expeditions VII x6
8400 1.68e736 Rift Dwellers VII x9
8600 3.14e753 Rift Science VII x9
8800 5.87e770 Deity-sized Rifts VII x9
9000 2.39e775 Big Rifts VIII x6
9200 4.67e790 Rift Longevity VIII x6
9400 9.15e805 Rapid Setup VIII x6
9600 1.79e821 Rifts In Rifts VIII x6
9800 3.5e836 Random Destination VIII x5
10000 6.86e851 Permanent Rifts VIII x4
10200 1.34e867 Expeditions VIII x4
10400 2.63e882 Rift Dwellers VIII x4
10600 5.14e897 Rift Science VIII x4
10800 1.01e913 Deity-sized Rifts VIII x3
11000 1.97e928 Big Rifts IX x3
11150 3.86e943 Rift Longevity IX x4
11300 7.55e958 Rapid Setup IX x4
11450 1.48e974 Rifts In Rifts IX x4
11600 2.89e989 Random Destination IX x3
11750 5.66e1004 Permanent Rifts IX x5
11900 1.11e1020 Expeditions IX x3
12050 2.17e1035 Rift Dwellers IX x9
12200 4.25e1050 Rift Science IX x9
12350 8.31e1065 Deity-sized Rifts IX x9
12500 1.97e1228 Big Rifts X x96
12650 3.86e1243 Rift Longevity X x101
12800 7.55e1258 Rapid Setup X x101
12950 1.48e1274 Rifts In Rifts X x12
13100 2.89e1289 Random Destination X x13
13250 5.66e1304 Permanent Rifts X x5
13400 1.11e1320 Expeditions X x4
13550 2.17e1335 Rift Dwellers X x5
13700 4.25e1350 Rift Science X x9
13850 8.31e1365 Deity-sized Rifts X x9
14000 1.97e1728 Big Rifts XI x2.25
14150 3.86e1743 Rift Longevity XI x2.25
14300 7.55e1758 Rapid Setup XI x2.25
14450 1.48e1774 Rifts In Rifts XI x2.25
14600 2.89e1804 Random Destination XI x2
14750 5.66e1826 Permanent Rifts XI x2
14900 1.11e1850 Expeditions XI x2
15050 2.17e1865 Rift Dwellers XI x2
15200 4.25e1904 Rift Science XI x2.25
15350 8.31e1926 Deity-sized Rifts XI x2.25
15500 1.97e1932 Big Rifts XII x2.25
15650 3.86e1943 Rift Longevity XII x2.25
15800 7.55e1958 Rapid Setup XII x2.25
15950 1.48e1974 Rifts In Rifts XII x2.25
16100 2.89e1986 Random Destination XII x2.25
16250 5.66e2026 Permanent Rifts XII x2.28
16400 1.11e2050 Expeditions XII x2.24
16700 4.25e2050 Rift Science XII x2.24
16550 2.17e2065 Rift Dwellers XII x2.24
16850 8.31e2065 Deity-sized Rifts XII x2.24
17000 1.97e2112 Big Rifts XIII x2
17150 3.86e2123 Rift Longevity XIII x1.75
17300 7.55e2132 Rapid Setup XIII x1.75
17450 1.48e2143 Rifts In Rifts XIII x1.75
17600 2.89e2150 Random Destination XIII x1.75
17750 5.66e2165 Permanent Rifts XIII x1.75
17900 1.11e2174 Expeditions XIII x1.75
18050 2.17e2186 Rift Dwellers XIII x1.74
18200 4.25e2223 Rift Science XIII x2.2
18350 8.31e2235 Deity-sized Rifts XIII x2.12
18500 1.97e2242 Big Rifts XIV x2
18650 3.86e2253 Rift Longevity XIV x2
18800 7.55e2268 Rapid Setup XIV x2
18950 1.48e2274 Rifts In Rifts XIV x2
19100 2.89e2286 Random Destination XIV x2
19250 5.66e2326 Permanent Rifts XIV x2.61
19400 1.11e2335 Expeditions XIV x2.6
19550 2.17e2350 Rift Dwellers XIV x2.6
19700 4.25e2365 Rift Science XIV x2.6
19850 8.31e2386 Deity-sized Rifts XIV x2.6
Nexus production (140 upgrades, total : x5.6669481532048e+85)
Nexi req. Cost Name Production bonus
10 1.2e14 Ley Energies x2
25 2.5e16 Ley-lines x2
50 1.3e18 Direct Access x2
75 3.2e20 Hand-made Nexi x2
100 1.5e22 Alien Nexi x2
150 6.5e25 Nexi Augmentations x3
200 1.6e30 Nexi Fleet x3
300 6.76e38 Intricate Structure x3
400 1.5e47 Critical Mass x4
500 1.25e57 Power Of Entire World x5
600 9.9e71 Ley Energies II x3
700 2.5e76 Ley-lines II x3
800 1.3e85 Direct Access II x3
900 3.2e93 Hand-made Nexi II x3
1000 1.5e102 Alien Nexi II x4
1100 6.5e111 Nexi Augmentations II x4
1200 1.6e120 Nexi Fleet II x4
1300 6.76e129 Intricate Structure II x5
1400 1.5e139 Critical Mass II x5
1500 1.25e147 Power Of Entire World II x5
1600 9.9e154 Ley Energies III x5
1700 2.5e162 Ley-lines III x5
1800 1.3e170 Direct Access III x5
1900 3.2e179 Hand-made Nexi III x8
2000 1.5e187 Alien Nexi III x10
2100 6.5e195 Nexi Augmentations III x11
2200 1.6e204 Nexi Fleet III x6
2300 6.76e213 Intricate Structure III x7
2400 1.5e222 Critical Mass III x6
2500 1.25e235 Power Of Entire World III x5
2600 1.3e250 Ley Energies IV x4.5
2700 3.2e262 Ley-lines IV x3
2800 1.5e271 Direct Access IV x3.25
2900 6.5e280 Hand-made Nexi IV x3
3000 1.6e289 Alien Nexi IV x3
3100 6.76e298 Nexi Augmentations IV x3
3200 1.5e307 Nexi Fleet IV x3
3300 1.25e316 Intricate Structure IV x3
3400 1.5e325 Critical Mass IV x3
3500 1.25e334 Power Of Entire World IV x3
3600 1.3e343 Ley Energies V x4.5
3700 3.2e352 Ley-lines V x3
3800 1.5e361 Direct Access V x3.25
3900 6.5e370 Hand-made Nexi V x3
4000 1.6e379 Alien Nexi V x3
4100 6.76e388 Nexi Augmentations V x3
4200 1.5e397 Nexi Fleet V x3
4300 1.25e406 Intricate Structure V x3
4400 1.5e415 Critical Mass V x3
4500 1.25e424 Power Of Entire World V x3
4600 8.12e425 Ley Energies VI x4.5
4700 7.95e434 Ley-lines VI x3
4800 7.78e443 Direct Access VI x3.25
4900 7.61e452 Hand-made Nexi VI x3
5000 7.44e461 Alien Nexi VI x3
5200 7.13e479 Nexi Augmentations VI x3
5400 6.82e497 Nexi Fleet VI x3
5600 6.53e515 Intricate Structure VI x3
5800 6.25e533 Critical Mass VI x3
5900 6.11e542 Power Of Entire World VI x3
6000 5.98e551 Ley Energies VII x4.5
6100 5.85e560 Ley-lines VII x3
6200 5.73e569 Direct Access VII x3.25
6300 5.6e578 Hand-made Nexi VII x3
6400 5.48e587 Alien Nexi VII x3
6500 5.36e596 Nexi Augmentations VII x3
6600 5.25e605 Nexi Fleet VII x3
6700 5.13e614 Intricate Structure VII x3
6800 5.02e623 Critical Mass VII x3
6900 4.91e632 Power Of Entire World VII x3
7000 5.98e641 Ley Energies VIII x2
7200 5.73e659 Ley-lines VIII x2
7400 5.73e677 Direct Access VIII x3
7600 5.6e695 Hand-made Nexi VIII x3
7800 5.48e713 Alien Nexi VIII x4
8000 5.36e731 Nexi Augmentations VIII x4
8200 5.25e749 Nexi Fleet VIII x5
8400 5.13e767 Intricate Structure VIII x6
8600 5.02e785 Critical Mass VIII x6
8800 4.91e803 Power Of Entire World VIII x6
9000 1.44e804 Ley Energies IX x6
9200 9.88e819 Ley-lines IX x8
9400 6.78e835 Direct Access IX x8
9600 4.65e851 Hand-made Nexi IX x8
9800 3.19e867 Alien Nexi IX x9
10000 2.19e883 Nexi Augmentations IX x9
10100 1.5e899 Nexi Fleet IX x4
10200 1.03e915 Intricate Structure IX x3
10300 7.06e930 Critical Mass IX x3
10400 4.84e946 Power Of Entire World IX x3
10500 3.32e962 Ley Energies X x2
10600 2.5e974 Ley-lines X x2
10700 1.89e986 Direct Access X x2
10800 1.42e998 Hand-made Nexi X x2
10900 1.07e1010 Alien Nexi X x5
11000 8.08e1021 Nexi Augmentations X x6
11100 6.09e1033 Nexi Fleet X x6
11200 4.59e1045 Intricate Structure X x7
11300 3.46e1057 Critical Mass X x8
11400 2.61e1069 Power Of Entire World X x9
11500 3.32e1212 Ley Energies XI x96
11600 2.5e1234 Ley-lines XI x96
11700 1.89e1256 Direct Access XI x101
11800 1.42e1278 Hand-made Nexi XI x48
11900 1.07e1294 Alien Nexi XI x11
12000 8.08e1311 Nexi Augmentations XI x8
12100 6.09e1333 Nexi Fleet XI x12
12200 4.59e1355 Intricate Structure XI x6
12300 3.46e1377 Critical Mass XI x6
12400 2.61e1399 Power Of Entire World XI x6
12500 3.32e1712 Ley Energies XII x3
12600 2.5e1734 Ley-lines XII x3
12700 1.89e1756 Direct Access XII x3
12800 1.42e1778 Hand-made Nexi XII x3
12900 1.07e1794 Alien Nexi XII x2.5
13000 8.08e1811 Nexi Augmentations XII x1.75
13200 6.09e1833 Nexi Fleet XII x2
13400 4.59e1855 Intricate Structure XII x2
13600 3.46e1877 Critical Mass XII x2
13800 2.61e1899 Power Of Entire World XII x2
14000 3.32e1912 Ley Energies XIII x3
14200 2.5e1934 Ley-lines XIII x3
14400 1.89e1956 Direct Access XIII x3
14600 1.42e1978 Hand-made Nexi XIII x3
14800 1.07e1994 Alien Nexi XIII x3.25
15000 8.08e2011 Nexi Augmentations XIII x2
15200 6.09e2033 Nexi Fleet XIII x2.75
15400 4.59e2055 Intricate Structure XIII x2.75
15600 3.46e2077 Critical Mass XIII x2.86
15800 2.61e2099 Power Of Entire World XIII x3
16000 3.32e2112 Ley Energies XIV x6
16200 2.5e2134 Ley-lines XIV x6
16400 1.89e2156 Direct Access XIV x6.25
16600 1.42e2212 Hand-made Nexi XIV x5.2
16800 1.07e2256 Alien Nexi XIV x5.32
17000 8.08e2294 Nexi Augmentations XIV x5.4
17200 6.09e2333 Nexi Fleet XIV x4.18
17400 4.59e2355 Intricate Structure XIV x4
17600 3.46e2377 Critical Mass XIV x4
17800 2.61e2399 Power Of Entire World XIV x4


Offline production modifier (54 upgrades, total : x1.1707257830769e+22)
Cost Name Offline production modifier
1e7 Lazy Practitioner x1.5
1e14 Idle Magics x1.5
1e19 Sleeping a Lot x1.5
1e27 Holidays x1.75
1e34 Vacations x1.75
1e49 Never There x1.75
1e55 Lazy Practitioner II x2
1e62 Idle Magics II x2
1e79 Sleeping a Lot II x2
1e87 Holidays II x2
1e96 Vacations II x3
1e101 Never There II x3
1e151 Lazy Practitioner III x2
1e163 Idle Magics III x2
1e174 Sleeping a Lot III x2
1e184 Holidays III x2
1e199 Vacations III x2
1e209 Never There III x3
1e221 Lazy Practitioner IV x2
1e243 Idle Magics IV x2
1e254 Sleeping a Lot IV x2
1e264 Holidays IV x2
1e279 Vacations IV x2
1e289 Never There IV x3
1e321 Lazy Practitioner V x2
1e343 Idle Magics V x2
1e354 Sleeping a Lot V x2
1e364 Holidays V x2
1e379 Vacations V x2
1e389 Never There V x3
1e621 Lazy Practitioner VI x2
1e643 Idle Magics VI x2
1e664 Sleeping a Lot VI x2
1e684 Holidays VI x2
1e709 Vacations VI x2
1e729 Never There VI x3
1e821 Lazy Practitioner VII x2
1e843 Idle Magics VII x2
1e864 Sleeping a Lot VII x2
1e884 Holidays VII x2
1e909 Vacations VII x2
1e939 Never There VII x3
1e1124 Lazy Practitioner VIII x5
1e1145 Idle Magics VIII x5
1e1164 Sleeping a Lot VIII x5
1e1184 Holidays VIII x7
1e1204 Vacations VIII x7
1e1224 Never There VIII x10
1e1324 Lazy Practitioner IX x3
1e1445 Idle Magics IX x4
1e1564 Sleeping a Lot IX x5
1e1684 Holidays IX x5
1e1704 Vacations IX x5
1e1824 Never There IX x6


Pet ability modifier (36 upgrades, total : x8.784688302705e+17)
All-time Max pet level req. Cost Name Ability modifier
50 2.5e73 Talented Pet x1.2
60 8.5e89 Rare Breed x1.5
80 7.2e96 Mysterious Pet x2
90 2.5e132 Talented Pet II x1.5
100 8.5e154 Rare Breed II x2
110 7.2e172 Mysterious Pet II x2
90 2.5e202 Talented Pet III x3
100 8.5e220 Rare Breed III x3
110 7.2e235 Mysterious Pet III x3
120 2.5e302 Talented Pet IV x3
130 8.5e340 Rare Breed IV x3
140 7.2e365 Mysterious Pet IV x3
120 2.5e432 Talented Pet V x3
130 8.5e440 Rare Breed V x3
140 7.2e465 Mysterious Pet V x3
120 2.5e512 Talented Pet VI x3
140 8.5e530 Rare Breed VI x3
160 7.2e555 Mysterious Pet VI x3
210 2.5e652 Talented Pet VII x3
220 8.5e690 Rare Breed VII x3
230 7.2e725 Mysterious Pet VII x3
260 2.5e825 Talented Pet VIII x3
270 8.5e852 Rare Breed VIII x3
280 7.2e890 Mysterious Pet VIII x3
310 2.5e1025 Talented Pet IX x5
320 8.5e1052 Rare Breed IX x6
330 7.2e1089 Mysterious Pet IX x6
360 2.5e1155 Talented Pet X x5
370 8.5e1172 Rare Breed X x6
380 7.2e1199 Mysterious Pet X x6
410 2.5e2015 Talented Pet XI x5
420 8.5e2022 Rare Breed XI x6
430 7.2e2039 Mysterious Pet XI x6
460 2.5e2155 Talented Pet XII x2
470 8.5e2222 Rare Breed XII x3
480 7.2e2289 Mysterious Pet XII x3
Pet experience modifier (40 upgrades, total : +23.5 and x353767.05325482)
Cost Name Experience modifier
1e8 Basic Training +1
1.5e11 Combat Moves +1.25
2.25e15 Together Time +1.5
3.25e20 Bonding +1.75
4.5e26 Tricks +2
1e58 Basic Training II +2
1.5e71 Combat Moves II +2.5
2.25e85 Together Time II +3
3.25e90 Bonding II +3.5
4.5e107 Tricks II +5
6e8 Pet Food x1.5
8e15 Vitamin Diet x1.5
9e22 Mutagen Diet x2
5e27 Magical Diet x2
6e46 Artificial Growth x2
6e68 Pet Food II x1.5
8e75 Vitamin Diet II x1.6
9e82 Mutagen Diet II x1.7
5e97 Magical Diet II x1.8
6e103 Artificial Growth II x2
6e182 Pet Food III x1.25
8e190 Vitamin Diet III x1.4
9e198 Mutagen Diet III x1.5
5e203 Magical Diet III x1.5
6e217 Artificial Growth III x1.5
6e235 Pet Food IV x1.2
8e258 Vitamin Diet IV x1.2
9e272 Mutagen Diet IV x1.2
5e297 Magical Diet IV x1.2
6e323 Artificial Growth IV x1.2
6e835 Pet Food V x1.25
8e872 Vitamin Diet V x1.35
9e923 Mutagen Diet V x1.5
5e966 Magical Diet V x1.75
6e999 Artificial Growth V x2
6e1023 Pet Food VI x1.35
8e1046 Vitamin Diet VI x1.45
9e1078 Mutagen Diet VI x1.5
5e1099 Magical Diet VI x1.75
6e1123 Artificial Growth VI x2



Spell Scrolls (6 upgrades)
Hero level req. Cost Name Effect
5000 First Experience +1 Spell Scroll
8 2e7 Fledgling Sorcerer +1 Spell Scroll
18 3.5e11 Experienced Sorcerer +1 Spell Scroll
29 6e16 Master Sorcerer +1 Spell Scroll
40 2.5e21 Grandmaster Sorcerer +1 Spell Scroll
60 3.25e28 Insane Sorcerer +1 Spell Scroll
Spell Autocast (6 upgrades)
All-time spell cast req. Cost Name Effect
100 1.2e9 Passive Sorcering Can autocast +1 spell
300 4.5e15 Ambidextrous Sorcering Can autocast +1 spell
600 6.25e25 Subconscious Sorcering Can autocast +1 spell
1200 5.5e34 Motionless Sorcering Can autocast +1 spell
2400 5.25e45 Effortless Sorcering Can autocast +1 spell
5000 6.25e56 Thoughtless Sorcering Can autocast +1 spell
Spell Charges (4 upgrades, total : +4)
All-time spell cast req. Cost Name Spell charges added
100 1.5e10 Spell Copies +1
250 2.5e20 Spell Signatures +1
500 3.5e30 Spell Shortcuts +1
10000 1e130 Hidden Reserve +1

Spell Shards Gain

Shard Pool accumulation time (15 upgrades, total : +15s)
Clicks this exile req. Cost Name Accumulation time
5 7.8e48 Enhanced Pool +1s
10 3.7e70 Tiny Shards +1s
15 6.3e90 Self-containing Pool +1s
25 2.1e103 Enlarged Pool +1s
50 5e124 Pool Of Holding +1s
60 7.8e144 Enhanced Pool II +1s
70 3.7e160 Tiny Shards II +1s
80 6.3e172 Self-containing Pool II +1s
90 2.1e184 Enlarged Pool II +1s
100 5e193 Pool Of Holding II +1s
120 7.8e204 Enhanced Pool III +1s
140 3.7e220 Tiny Shards III +1s
160 6.3e242 Self-containing Pool III +1s
180 2.1e264 Enlarged Pool III +1s
200 5e273 Pool Of Holding III +1s
Spell Shards from clicking (8 upgrades, total : +14)
All-time shards collected req. Cost Name Shards per click
2500 935000 Spell Labour +1
10000 2.25e12 Spell Craftsmanship +1.5
30000 3.45e19 Spell Expertise +2
100000 4.25e29 Spell Artistism +2.5
3e5 1.35e66 Spell Labour II +1
8e5 2.25e82 Spell Craftsmanship II +2
1.5e6 3.45e99 Spell Expertise II +2
2.5e6 4.25e116 Spell Artistism II +2
Spell Shards per second (13 upgrades, total : +36)
All-time shards collected req. Cost Name Shards per second
2500 1.65e7 Spell Preparations +3
10000 2.35e13 Spell Foundations +3
30000 3.15e20 Spell Simplifications +3
100000 4.46e28 Spell Meditation +3
500000 5.5e35 Spell Trance +5
750000 1.65e67 Spell Preparations II +2
1e6 2.35e83 Spell Foundations II +2
2e6 3.15e100 Spell Simplifications II +3
3e6 4.46e118 Spell Meditation II +3
750000 1.65e135 Spell Preparations III +2
1e6 2.35e141 Spell Foundations III +2
2e6 3.15e149 Spell Simplifications III +2
3e6 4.46e157 Spell Meditation III +3

Spell Efficiency

Evocation Efficiency (65 upgrades, total : x2.0824790368737e+39)
Cost Name Efficiency Multiplier
7.2e108 Raw Energy x1.25
9.13e119 Compact Energy x1.4
1.25e128 Destructive Power x1.6
2.75e138 Penetrating Projectiles x2
5e142 Infused with Hatred x4
7.2e161 Raw Energy II x2
9.13e167 Compact Energy II x2
1.25e177 Destructive Power II x2
2.75e197 Penetrating Projectiles II x2
5e202 Infused with Hatred II x3
7.2e211 Raw Energy III x3
9.13e227 Compact Energy III x3
1.25e245 Destructive Power III x4
2.75e261 Penetrating Projectiles III x5
5e279 Infused with Hatred III x6
7.2e331 Raw Energy IV x4
9.13e357 Compact Energy IV x4
1.25e375 Destructive Power IV x4
2.75e391 Penetrating Projectiles IV x4
5e409 Infused with Hatred IV x4
7.2e431 Raw Energy V x4
9.13e457 Compact Energy V x4
1.25e475 Destructive Power V x4
2.75e491 Penetrating Projectiles V x4
5e509 Infused with Hatred V x4
7.2e531 Raw Energy VI x4
9.13e557 Compact Energy VI x4
1.25e575 Destructive Power VI x4
2.75e591 Penetrating Projectiles VI x4
5e609 Infused with Hatred VI x4
7.2e661 Raw Energy VII x4
9.13e707 Compact Energy VII x4
1.25e757 Destructive Power VII x4
2.75e781 Penetrating Projectiles VII x4
5e809 Infused with Hatred VII x4
7.2e831 Raw Energy VIII x4
9.13e863 Compact Energy VIII x4
1.25e907 Destructive Power VIII x4
2.75e945 Penetrating Projectiles VIII x4
5e981 Infused with Hatred VIII x4
7.2e1031 Raw Energy IX x5
9.13e1063 Compact Energy IX x6
1.25e1107 Destructive Power IX x7
2.75e1157 Penetrating Projectiles IX x8
5e1181 Infused with Hatred IX x9
7.2e1251 Raw Energy X x5
9.13e1273 Compact Energy X x6
1.25e1295 Destructive Power X x7
2.75e1318 Penetrating Projectiles X x8
5e1320 Infused with Hatred X x9
7.2e1820 Raw Energy XI x5
7.2e2011 Compact Energy XI x6
9.13e2033 Destructive Power XI x7
1.25e2045 Penetrating Projectiles XI x8
2.75e2058 Infused with Hatred XI x9
7.2e2120 Raw Energy XII x2
7.2e2133 Compact Energy XII x3
9.13e2158 Destructive Power XII x4
1.25e2233 Penetrating Projectiles XII x4
2.75e2275 Infused with Hatred XII x4
7.2e2320 Raw Energy XIII x3
7.2e2333 Compact Energy XIII x4
9.13e2358 Destructive Power XIII x4
1.25e2375 Penetrating Projectiles XIII x5
2.75e2398 Infused with Hatred XIII x5
Incantation Efficiency (65 upgrades, total : x5922068794486.7)
Cost Name Efficiency Multiplier
1.35e88 Efficient Use x1.2
7e101 Peak Efficiency x1.25
8.12e117 Empowered Empowering x1.25
1.88e127 Augmented Augmentation x1.3
4.75e133 Enhanced Enhancements x1.75
1.35e166 Efficient Use II x1.2
7e178 Peak Efficiency II x1.2
8.12e189 Empowered Empowering II x1.2
1.88e195 Augmented Augmentation II x1.35
4.75e202 Enhanced Enhancements II x1.75
1.35e212 Efficient Use III x1.4
7e228 Peak Efficiency III x1.4
8.12e241 Empowered Empowering III x1.4
1.88e263 Augmented Augmentation III x1.45
4.75e289 Enhanced Enhancements III x1.85
1.35e312 Efficient Use IV x1.35
7e348 Peak Efficiency IV x1.35
8.12e361 Empowered Empowering IV x1.5
1.88e383 Augmented Augmentation IV x1.55
4.75e412 Enhanced Enhancements IV x1.85
1.35e422 Efficient Use V x1.35
7e448 Peak Efficiency V x1.35
8.12e461 Empowered Empowering V x1.4
1.88e483 Augmented Augmentation V x1.45
4.75e512 Enhanced Enhancements V x1.75
1.35e522 Efficient Use VI x1.35
7e548 Peak Efficiency VI x1.35
8.12e561 Empowered Empowering VI x1.4
1.88e583 Augmented Augmentation VI x1.45
4.75e612 Enhanced Enhancements VI x1.75
1.35e642 Efficient Use VII x1.35
7e678 Peak Efficiency VII x1.35
8.12e731 Empowered Empowering VII x1.4
1.88e783 Augmented Augmentation VII x1.45
4.75e812 Enhanced Enhancements VII x1.75
1.35e829 Efficient Use VIII x1.35
7e842 Peak Efficiency VIII x1.35
8.12e878 Empowered Empowering VIII x1.4
1.88e931 Augmented Augmentation VIII x1.45
4.75e963 Enhanced Enhancements VIII x1.75
1.35e1029 Efficient Use IX x1.75
7e1042 Peak Efficiency IX x1.75
8.12e1078 Empowered Empowering IX x2
1.88e1130 Augmented Augmentation IX x2.25
4.75e1153 Enhanced Enhancements IX x2.5
1.35e1189 Efficient Use X x1.75
7e1275 Peak Efficiency X x1.75
8.12e1295 Empowered Empowering X x2
1.88e1310 Augmented Augmentation X x2.25
4.75e1335 Enhanced Enhancements X x2.5
1.35e2009 Efficient Use XI x1.75
7e2015 Peak Efficiency XI x1.75
8.12e2025 Empowered Empowering XI x2
1.88e2040 Augmented Augmentation XI x2.25
4.75e2055 Enhanced Enhancements XI x2.5
1.35e2209 Efficient Use XII x1.15
7e2215 Peak Efficiency XII x1.25
8.12e2225 Empowered Empowering XII x1.75
1.88e2240 Augmented Augmentation XII x2
4.75e2255 Enhanced Enhancements XII x2.25
1.35e2309 Efficient Use XIII x1.15
7e2315 Peak Efficiency XIII x1.2
8.12e2325 Empowered Empowering XIII x1.5
1.88e2340 Augmented Augmentation XIII x1.75
4.75e2355 Enhanced Enhancements XIII x2
Summoning Efficiency (9 upgrades, total : x5.7697296142578)
Cost Name Efficiency Multiplier
7.3e402 Loyalty x1.25
7.3e502 Loyalty II x1.25
7.3e602 Loyalty III x1.25
7.3e802 Loyalty IV x1.25
7.3e1002 Loyalty V x1.25
7.3e1162 Loyalty VI x1.25
7.3e2012 Loyalty VII x1.25
7.3e2112 Loyalty VIII x1.1
7.3e2312 Loyalty IX x1.1
Summoning Duration (3 upgrades, total : x1.331)
Cost Name Duration Multiplier
7.3e83 Enduring Summoning x1.1
7.3e155 Enduring Summoning II x1.1
7.3e222 Enduring Summoning III x1.1

Void Mana

Void mana received per entity (16 upgrades, total : +13000)
Cost Name Void Mana received
1.525e9 Void Filters +150
2.335e17 Void Condensers +250
4.552e29 Void Concentrators +375
6.776e41 Void Refiners +500
1.525e69 Void Filters II +650
2.335e78 Void Condensers II +750
4.552e88 Void Concentrators II +875
1.525e171 Void Filters III +650
2.335e189 Void Condensers III +750
4.552e196 Void Concentrators III +875
1.525e571 Void Filters IV +1025
2.335e609 Void Condensers IV +1025
4.552e636 Void Concentrators IV +1025
1.525e801 Void Filters V +1025
2.335e829 Void Condensers V +1025
4.552e846 Void Concentrators V +2050
Profit per Void mana (4 upgrades, total : +14%)
Cost Name Profit bonus per Void Mana
1.886e32 Void Augmentation +2%
6.334e56 Void Enhancement +3%
1.886e81 Void Augmentation II +4%
1.886e157 Void Augmentation III +5%
Void Entity lifetime (18 upgrades, total : x1142.0380783081)
Cost Name Lifetime multiplier
2.334e7 Void Stabilizers x1.5
4.553e13 Void Immobilizers x2
6.221e21 Void Cryo-Snares x2.5
2.334e77 Void Stabilizers II x1.2
4.553e94 Void Immobilizers II x1.25
6.221e111 Void Cryo-Snares II x1.3
2.334e177 Void Stabilizers III x1.25
4.553e194 Void Immobilizers III x1.25
6.221e211 Void Cryo-Snares III x1.3
2.334e277 Void Stabilizers IV x1.5
4.553e294 Void Immobilizers IV x1.5
6.221e321 Void Cryo-Snares IV x1.5
2.334e377 Void Stabilizers V x1.5
4.553e394 Void Immobilizers V x1.5
6.221e421 Void Cryo-Snares V x1.5
2.334e477 Void Stabilizers VI x1.5
4.553e521 Void Immobilizers VI x1.5
6.221e583 Void Cryo-Snares VI x1.5
Void Entity spawn speed (4 upgrades, total : x2.44140625)
Cost Name Spawn speed multiplier
2.766e20 Void Lights x1.25
4.995e31 Void Beacons x1.25
2.766e60 Void Lights II x1.25
4.995e71 Void Beacons II x1.25

Upgrades based on time played this Exile

Upgrades based on time played this Exile (20 upgrades)
Days played req. Cost Name Description
0.5 1e90 Experienced Charger +3 average spell shards per second
1 1e100 Seasoned Profiteer All profits x1.25
1.5 1e110 Time-proven Specialist Hero power x1.2
2 1e120 Skillful Relaxation Offline production x1.25
2.5 1e130 Veteran Procrastinator Idle profit x1.2
3 1e140 Experienced Charger II +3 average spell shards per second
3.5 1e160 Seasoned Profiteer II All profits x1.25
4 1e180 Time-proven Specialist II Hero power x1.25
4.5 1e190 Skillful Relaxation II Offline production x1.5
5 1e200 Veteran Procrastinator II Idle profit x1.25
5.5 1e210 Experienced Charger III +2 average spell shards per second
6 1e220 Seasoned Profiteer III All profits x1.25
6.5 1e230 Time-proven Specialist III Hero power x1.35
7 1e240 Skillful Relaxation III Offline production x1.5
7.5 1e250 Veteran Procrastinator III Idle profit x1.25
8 1e260 Experienced Charger IV +2 average spell shards per second
8.5 1e270 Seasoned Profiteer IV All profits x1.5
9 1e280 Time-proven Specialist IV Hero power x1.5
9.5 1e290 Skillful Relaxation IV Offline production x1.75
10 1e300 Veteran Procrastinator IV Idle profit x1.5

Upgrades based on Achievements

Upgrades based on Achievements (64 upgrades)
Cost Name Achievement Category Achievement Name Description
1 Caress it every day and every night Manual Clicks ...and every night Click profits +10
1 Shards minimalism Secret Secret achievement Click profits +1
1 Never Enough! Shards Out In The Desert It's Not Enough +2 average spell shards per second
1 What is it? Secret Secret achievement All profits x1.01
1 They do too much! Autoclick They do too much! Autoclick profits x2.5
2 Between Two Fires Apprentice Between Two Fires All profits x1.1
2 Overdriven Secret Secret achievement Accumulated spells starting cast +500
3 Scars Of Civilization Heal Over Time Druid Scars Of Civilization Heal Over Time Autoclick profits x1.2
3 In correct order Secret Secret achievement All profits x (1 + (0.001 x (1 + Hero Level))2)
4 True evocation Secret Secret achievement Evocation efficiency x (1 + Accumulated starting casts x 0.0001)
4 The Devil's Work Done By Human Hands Demonologist The Devil's Work Done By Human Hands Pet power x1.2
5 Live Fast Die Jung Secret Secret achievement x (1 + Hero Level x 0.01) average spell shards per second
5 Unholy Science Unto New Horrors Necromancer Unholy Science Unto New Horrors Idle profit x1.2
6 Wit And Will Stand Together Against The Chaos Arcanist Wit And Will Stand Together Against The Chaos Evocation efficiency x1.5
7 A True Rival Is Better Than Friend Prodigy A True Rival Is Better Than a Friend Incantation efficiency x1.1
8 No Science Can Bind That Which Follow No Laws Voidmancer No Science Can Bind That Which Follow No Laws Void Mana from traps x1.25
9 Some Secrets Are Better Left Untouched Exorcist Some Secrets Are Better Left Untouched Click profits x1.25
10 Science Brings Doom And Glory In Days To Come Chronomancer Science Brings Doom And Glory In Days To Come Hero power x1.25
11 The Shadow Pays No Heed To What Casts It Umbramancer The Shadow Pays No Heed To What Casts It Offline production x1.25
12 Things Hidden Within Things Alchemist Things Hidden Within Things Summoning efficiency x1.15
13 Soul Of Steel Ironsoul Soul Of Steel Non-shard spell cost -5%
14 The Great Exterminator Abolisher The Great Exterminator x1.15 average spell shards per second
21 Arbiter Of Life Shaman Plague Across All Of The Realm Idle profit x1.15
22 Anathema Heretic Anathema Void Mana power x1.15
23 Eviscerator Oni Eviscerator Hero power x1.25
24 We Burn Archon We Burn Evocation efficiency x1.25
25 Time Relic Temporalist Time Relic Incantation efficiency x1.045
26 Desolation Desolator Desolation All profits x1.25
100 Searching/Learning Secret Secret achievement Pet power x1.1
100 Eternal Pariah Exiles Eternal Pariah Mystery power +1%
1000 Dwarven preparation Secret Secret achievement All profits x1.457
1e6 Much potential left Secret Secret achievement Experience from Mana Sources x1.15
1e6 Purebred Secret Secret achievement Pet experience x1.15
1e12 This Place Is Mine! Secret Secret achievement Accumulated spells starting cast +100
1e12 Too easy for me Secret Secret achievement All profits x1.15
1e13 Mighty group Secret Secret achievement Experience from xp actions x1.1
1e100 Gotcha! Secret Secret achievement Bats spawn rate x1.1
1e100 I am Void Void Mana I am Void Void Mana from traps x1.25
1e120 A Persistent Classic Secret Secret achievement Accumulated spells starting cast +500
1e200 Challenge-d Challenges Challenge-d All profits x1.25
1e250 Wayfaring Achiever Achieves Wayfaring Achiever All profits x1.2
1e275 Computable Calculations Achiev. Points Computable Calculations All profits x1.2
1e300 A Journey Within Yourself Hero Level A Journey Within Yourself Hero power x1.25
1e350 Do I Really Look Like A Guy With A Plan? Bats Do I Really Look Like A Guy With A Plan? All profits x1.5
1e400 Kingdom Total Buildings Kingdom All profits x1.25
1e400 Surpassing own limits Spells casted And Surpassing Them All Spell charges +1
1e410 Gilgamesh Is Proud Dust collected Gilgamesh Is Proud All profits x1.5
1e500 Create Out Of Creation Items unlocked Create Out Of Creation All profits x1.6
1e1000 Life's Favor Animatealia A Tribute Of A Goat All profits x2
1e1001 Change's Favor Altermutus A Tribute Of Dye All profits x2
1e1002 Energy's Favor Ardourium A Tribute Of A Coal All profits x2
1e1200 Existence's Favor Veritallios A Tribute Of A Rock All profits x2
1e1201 Creation's Favor Procreogenus A Tribute Of An Egg All profits x2
1e1202 Time's Favor Tempoaeverum A Tribute Of An Hourglass All profits x2
1e1600 Chaos's Favor Chaos A Tribute Of Dice All profits x2
1e1700 Cerebros' Favor Cerebros A Tribute Of A Book All profits x2
1e2000 Life's Favor II Animatealia Life Always Finds A Way All profits x2
1e2010 Change's Favor II Altermutus Nothing's Set In Stone All profits x2
1e2020 Energy's Favor II Ardourium All Shall Burn All profits x2
1e2030 Existence's Favor II Veritallios Some Things Are Eternal All profits x2
1e2040 Creation's Favor II Procreogenus Each Day, Something New Is Born All profits x2
1e2050 Time's Favor II Tempoaeverum Time Works In Mysterious Ways All profits x2
1e2060 Chaos's Favor II Chaos God Plays Dice All profits x2
1e2070 Cerebros' Favor II Cerebros A Grand Design All profits x2

Upgrades based on Triumphs

Upgrades based on Triumphs (19 upgrades)
Cost Name Description
0 Speedrun All profits x (1 + Achievements done x 0.001)
0 Shards Enjoyer Evocation efficiency x (1 + 0.0625 x log10(1 + Spells cast this Realm)1)
0 Playing With Fire Pet power x (1 + 1e-05 x (1 + Enchanted Dust collected this Realm)0.5)
0 Excommunicado Void Mana power x (1 + 0.084 x log10(1 + Void Mana collected this Realm)1)
0 New And Old Me Incantation efficiency x (1 + 8.6e-05 x (1 + Played Time this Realm)0.5)
0 Done In A Flash All profits x (1 + Triumphs done x 0.05)
0 Let's Cook Hero power x (1 + 0.01 x (1 + Bats collected this Realm)0.5)
0 Shields And Lasers Autoclick profits x (1 + 0.0625 x log10(1 + Evocation Spells cast)1)
0 Brute Force Void Mana from traps x (1 + 0.058 x (1 + Hero Level)0.5)
0 Botanist Summoning efficiency x (1 + 0.015 x log10(1 + Autoclicks this Realm)1)
0 Allergy All profits x (1 + 0.08 x log10(1 + Spellshards collected this Realm)1)
0 No Skills Issue All profits x (1 + 0.00025 x (1 + Played Time this Realm)0.5)
0 Speed Devil All profits x (1 + Secrets done x 0.015)
0 Eternal Student All profits x (1 + Apprentice Maximum Level this Realm x 0.005)
0 Pure Theory All profits x (1 + 0.045 x (1 + Trials done)0.5)
0 Clothes Slow Me Down Hero power x (1 + 0.001 x (1 + Crafting Dust collected this Realm)0.5)
0 Shut-in Catalysts income x (1 + 0.1 x (1 + Expedition Monsters killed this Realm)0.25)
0 Source Bias Mystery power x (1 + 0.015 x (1 + Experiments this Realm)0.5)
0 Commando Idle profit x (1 + 0.15 x (1 + Pet Level)0.25)

Remaining Class Unique Upgrades


The Prodigy has access to upgrades making all Mana Sources cheaper

Prodigy unique upgrades (8 upgrades)
Req. Cost Name Description
400 Mana Gem 8.5e25 Managlass Reduces the cost increase multiplier of Mana Gems by -0.0125
400 Grimoire 6.5e28 Library Reduces the cost increase multiplier of Grimoires by -0.015
400 Spell Fountain 2.75e31 Groundwaters Reduces the cost increase multiplier of Spell Fountains by -0.0175
400 Enchanted Tree 7.5e33 Supersapling Reduces the cost increase multiplier of Enchanted Trees by -0.02
400 Alchemy Desk 3.5e36 Secret Storages Reduces the cost increase multiplier of Alchemy Desks by -0.0225
400 Circle of Power 4.5e39 Compact Scribing Reduces the cost increase multiplier of Circles of Power by -0.025
400 Dimensional Rift 2.5e42 Master Explorer Reduces the cost increase multiplier of Dimensional Rifts by -0.0275
400 Nexus 1.5e45 Aligned Harmony Reduces the cost increase multiplier of Nexi by -0.03